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Kisslinger II Dream Team.


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Today, Kisslinger II was asked to make his VHL dream team. 


LW- Chris Reynolds Warsaw Predators.
Chris Reynolds, one of Kisslinger II’s former Teammates was easily a lock for my dream team. Reynolds is a standout leader and one of the most underrated and under appreciated players in the league. Reynolds is one of the greatest predators of all time with 604 points in 504 games played. His final year he was nominated for my individual awards, and it was also his career high with 60 goals, 76 assists for 136 points in 72 games. Reynolds would be a great addition for this dream team bringing stand out leadership and amazing goal scoring ability. 


C-Taro Tsujimoto HC Davos Dynamo, Seattle Bears. 
Taro Tsujimoto is a player that has been dominating the league for a long time. Tsujimoto brings excellent goal scoring and a veteran presence for this team. Tsujimoto is on pace for a career year, in 52 games he has 41 goals and 64 assists for 105 points. At this point in their career, they have 690 points in 556 games. Tsujimoto would be a perfect fit for this dream team.


RW- Zach Kisslinger II Warsaw Predators.
I feel like I have to include myself since it is the dream team of players I would like to play with. I feel like I can bring some size to this squad. I am a great goal scorer that can turn into a playmaker if needed. I feel like with this dream team my player would be a playmaker. I currently have 175 points in 123 games played. I feel like I will finish my career well over a point per game and be a top player in the history of the Warsaw Predators.


D- Battre Sandstrom Prague Phantoms, Riga Reign.
Sandstrom is an elite defenseman with high IQ who sees the ice like no other. I have played with Sandstrom on my last player, and we were a pairing for a while. Sandstrom is an offensive defenseman who currently leads the point race for the defensemen this season. They currently have 81 points in 52 games this season. In 484 career games he has 522 points. They would be a great addition to the dream team and a great fit. 


D-Robin Galante Nilsson Vancouver Wolves.
Nilsson is another elite defenseman who is a great addition to this squad. Nilsson is a pass first defenseman which would be ideal on this team full of goal scorers. Nilsson would be a perfect pairing for Sandstrom. Nilsson brings excellent defense and elite offensive ability. Nilsson has 79 points in 52 games this season. Nilsson has 533 points in 484 games played. 


G- Thadius Sales New York Americans, Vancouver Wolves.
Sales has proved himself as an elite goal throughout his whole career. Sales would be a perfect fit for this team. He currently has 41 wins in 52 games played and 0.926 save percentage and a 2.88 GAA. Sales brings experience with a cup win and being a reliable starter in his career. Sales is a goalie that can keep you in the game when stand out goaltending is needed. 
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