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More Moscow Updates


After an unbelievable hot streak which saw Moscow climb up the European Conference, the Menace have cooled down a bit. Although this is the case, Moscow still is in the hunt, clanging onto fourth place in the conference. Moscow’s young rookie, Sergey Preobrazhensky is still smoothly handling the pressure of the VHL very well. With 40 points in 54 games, “I’m right where I want to be with my offensive performance” said the young centerman. Sergey knows Moscow goes far in the playoffs, and hopes they’ll get a chance at their rivals from across the pond - the Vancouver Wolves. “That team is annoying and a pain in the ass to deal with. I hope Moscow can meet them once again in the playoffs, but this time we’re going to be the ones winning.” said Sergey confidently. 


As the season is slowly dwindling down, the playoff season comes back once again. Moscow was left in a bitter embarrassment once again last time around. Sergey hopes to change the culture of this team, and bring the Cup to its rightful winners. We look forward to what the playoffs bring for Sergey and his Moscow team!

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