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A Short Incoherent Thought


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Over the two weeks I felt fairly unmotivated to do pretty much anything in the VHL because I have been incredibly busy with just life. I recorded a podcast for theme week early on in the week, but everything got corrupted so I had to record it again which frustrated me to no end. My player entered a fairly major rough spot when it comes to getting points and is racking up penalties. I don't really know if my motivation has something to do with me wanting to follow what all is happening in the news or if it has to do with me also not really following hockey this season even though my favorite team is doing fairly well. I don't really know what is happening because I while I think I have been having a good time over the last few months I also have been under some of the biggest stress of my life. The time period where I was most into the VHL was during my breaks from school and I am fairly certain taking 25 credit hours of classes every semester has caused me great stress and burnout with nearly ever facet of my life. My parents got two puppies recently and while I love seeing them and my parents I don't really have the money to pay for food and gas to travel 100 miles both ways every weekend which basically means I am forced to see them every month. I have always been told my entire life that I have been super mature for my age yet over the last few months I have never felt like I was a mature person despite living on my own and being able to do so. The VHL has however become a place where I am able to just relax and actually have fun which I haven't done with video games which at one point my main source of entertainment. I don't know if this is what growing up is or what is happening but the things I found enjoyable even 5 months ago I find dread in. I know this isn't incredibly VHL related, but I believe this is something I had to get off my chest. 

Thank you for reading.

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Goddamn, 25 credit hours??? Dude I'd be hating everything about life too if I was doing that much work. Hope it's just these early semesters where you have to grind like this, and when class load lightens up, your outlook on things does as well. It's natural to just stop liking things, but I guess you should try to figure out if you actually don't like those things, or if you're just exhausted and unable to enjoy the things you once did. Good luck dude, 25 credit hours is no joke.

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