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Kings Final Season Stretch


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2018 WJC Preview: Team Denmark - Die By The Blade


With 16 games remaining in the S82 VHLM regular season, the Mexico City Kings seem to have solidified their 3rd position in the Western Conference. Trailing Houston by 12 points, and ahead of Las Vegas by 15 points, both position changes seem unlikely at this point. The goal moving forward is clear for the young squad, win. In order to do that, the Kings will need to clean up the mistakes that have lead to the recent scoring droughts. A weak secondary defense that has been recently exploited means that all four forward lines need to be running on a productive offense.  Lead by their leading scorers Matt Rooster and Jason Argos, the Kings are going to need to regain the secondary scoring that made their team so lethal only a week ago and establish some consistency.


While being one of the hardest working players of the VHLM over the last month, Tomas Sogaard's point production hasn't been up to par with what he had hoped. Here's what he had to say in an interview following the 3-0 loss to the Ottawa Lynx.


"We need to be better, I need to be better, especially for our goalies who have been stellar all year. Even though I've been working extremely hard off the ice and getting stronger, other teams have been as well. One thing I do know, we have the pieces and the locker room necessary to go far."


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