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  1. rory


    It obviously sucks to take over from someone who has been such an influence to both me, and the entire league. I have a lot of respect for Dil and his dedication to the league and to Halifax. Talking with Dil in discord has been one of the highlights of my time in the VHL and I was honestly sad when the charity drive was as successful (?) as it was. I hope I can be half the GM Dil was.
  2. The second episode of very good podcast 3PPAO, featuring @Hylands and @.sniffuM. https://anchor.fm/three-podcasts/episodes/3PPAO-II---Off-Season-Extravaganza-ep1ben Absolutely do not ask us any questions or post suggestions of tier lists. We will absolutely ignore every single one. Please do not open this spoiler until the designated part of the podcast. We will each be claiming this for 3 weeks.
  3. rory

    HOF Articles

    May I write Beaviss' builder article?
  4. rory

    Games: 7-13

    tbh unite any Mexico alumni lines and you will win the tournie
  5. perfect now hedge and vic can retire in solidarity with Jeff
  6. rory

    Games: 1-6

    Ah, the reverse Asia 3-0 start