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  1. No, silly! That comment was sarcastic because the league was ignoring the problem when it was brought up to them over a year ago. I'm just happy that it's finally being fixed at this point.
  2. Thanks for tagging me! I'm really interesting in making sure that everyone in the league can have a good time, so I hope with this change we can prevent something negative from happening in the future!
  3. nope, just getting their moneys worth! racism be damned.
  4. nah sorry they paid for the logo so they have to use it
  5. Oh I got some bad news.. My roster is now full with 12 forwards
  6. ples come join kobe in halifax quote this and say BOAT GANG to accept
  7. Welcome back @PadStack Halifax can offer you 4th line minutes on a hopefully mid seed team! We have a great discord that can help you get reacquainted with the VHLM! quote this and say BOAT GANG if you're interested
  8. rory

    LVA/YUK/SDM; S77

    wtf you guys cut me out??
  9. don't ping anyone for halifax, i already follow the section so i get pinged everytime you post there.