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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1154616283 @hylands and I are both claiming for 4 weeks. Josh and Esso are not claiming.
  2. rory

    LAS/MOS; S80

    Is it really an offseason without an LA-Moscow trade? Cheers for waiting Spart Thanks for everything @Gwdjohnson, it was Moscow or the E, so I'm glad we got some meaningful icetime for you. Welcome back to LA, not so much PIMs this season please @N0HBDY
  3. oops i think you put a 9 before my ranking, rookie move.
  4. @Beketov no real effect for us anymore, just wanted to let you know. LefLop should get an extra year in his contract but we can just re-sign him later.
  5. @LefLop is not inactive. S80: min bracket S81: min bracket LefLop to confirm
  6. 1. What does your player do during the offseason? 2. Arvid Johansson is off to the VHLE, how did he contribute to LA's success last season? 3. How would your player react to being in a veteran role on a new VHLE team, like Johannsson will? 4. We're training a robot to create VHL drama threads and need some thread names to feed it. Please help. 5. Which player is your dream teammate? 6. What other languages do you want to know/are interested in?
  7. you still owe dil a podcast, don't forget it!
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