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Are we seeing Leandro's potential?


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Another week has passed in the VHLM and the Kings have been one of the hotter teams in the league. Pushing for a higher seed in the playoffs, the Mexico City-based squad amassed an 8-5 record in the last week.


The renewed morale up-front has been the catalyst for the team as well as the sudden rise of play made by the 'Portuguese Wonder', Leandro Goncalves. He's taken the 2nd-line minutes of Calen McKay after proving his worth on ice.


He has stepped up his level of play contributing with 7 Goals and 8 Assists, totaling 15 points in 13 games, where he also contributed with a game-winning penalty shot in the game 224 against the Philadelphia Reapers, which made it to Shoot-Out.


After the trade from the Mississauga Hounds was confirmed, there was definitely an adaptation period where Leandro had to find himself within the Kings' style of play, but now we're sure seeing his true potential, after all when we look at his 30 Points in Mexico City, the first 15 were in his first 21 and the last in his last 12, so we can only look forward to what's next!

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