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Siyan Yasilievich - 50 in 50


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Siyan Yasilievich - 50 in 50


Siyan Yasilievich last week reached 50 assists in 50 games, something that is a very impressive feat for a defenseman. Siyan has been having a breakout season with the Reapers so far, putting up over a PPG as a line two defenseman, which is extremely impressive. There is only 16 games left in the season and Siyan will be chasing to try to get at least 60 assists and be a PPG player at the end of the season, as he currently has 8 Goals, 54 Assists, good for 62 Points and a +16 in 56 Games Played. His success this season will not be overlooked, as he'll be a top prospect coming into the VHL/VHLE Draft, where he is currently projected to go 9th overall in both of the drafts respectively. We'll see how Siyan can end the season and how he'll do in the playoffs!


(Special thanks to @Masu Chan for the Sig, I'm just showing it off in a post as I wanted to add a picture with the writing I had.)

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