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  1. Welcome back to the VHL @HabsFanFromOntario! My name is Masu Chan, I'm the AGM for the Philadelphia Reapers. With Philadelphia you would fit in as our Backup. Currently the Reapers are quickly climbing the standings and are looking to take home another Founder's Cup at the end of the season. If you continuously build your TPE by interacting within the community and contributing in TPE generating tasks, you may be able to play more minutes and possibly move up into a starting role! Here in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on the players we develop. My GM @Alex_J32 and I work hard to ensure that every member of the team enjoys their time on the Reapers and builds a legacy to begin their career. Numerous VHL greats got started right here in Philadelphia, and we would love to add your name on the list. We also have a great locker room filled with great players that would love to get to know you! If you're interested in becoming a Reaper, just quote this post and reply back with #FEARTHEREAPER. Once you do that, we will add you to our roster and get you in the locker room. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Many legacies have been built with the Reapers. Will you join the many great Reapers of legend and craft a VHL career worthy of the HOF? What will your legacy be?
  2. This is a very interesting Media spot, you provided a lot of good information about the teams and what makes them so good, ontop of that you made it entertaining, at least for me. It also seems like you put a ton of work into it with the total of over 700 words and I like that you weren't afraid to make a prediction. 10/10
  3. Review: I was trying to figure out something to suggest that may make this better but you did a very good job! I was going to say things like the background was a little too flashy but It plays into the title "The future" really well. Just for that fact that I can see anything wrong, I think I gotta go with a... 10/10
  4. Good evening VHLers. I made another signature, this time for myself wanting to use Cole Cassels as a representation for my character. I'll be honest I had a more difficult time with this one as Cole hasn't really ever played in the NHL and I had to use a photo of him during his time in DEL a couple seasons ago. Only thing I'd really change if I revisit it at a later date is the 'C' on the chest, I struggled getting it right and it was as close I managed to do. Besides that I am happy with how it worked out and think I did an alright job recreating The Reaper's third jersey.
  5. Name: Mason Jones Age: 22 Birthday: September 15th Hometown: Mississauga, ON Shoots: Right Preferred Number: 43 Height: 5'8ft Weight: 168lbs Position: Leftwing / Rightwing Mason Jones is a Canadian born athlete, and grew up with the sport of Hockey. It's clear right from meeting him that the kid is passionate about the sport and no one can doubt his desire to win. We managed to gather a ton of information from our time talking to former Coaches and Teammates of Jones and they all said relatively the same things about him. Off ice he is a very friendly and kind person who is able to take heat from the media and not let criticism affect his game. On ice he's always one of the hardest working skaters, constantly looking for weaknesses in his own game and training to improve on them. He's also not afraid to offer help to his fellow teammates and always attempts to strengthen them. Jones can be predictable at times however, if given the options between shooting and passing he'll majority of the time pass the puck to a teammate. His passing is one of the best parts of his game next to his skating and it's simple to summarize Jones as a Playmaker. His defense is another area of the game in which he could improve as his plus minus was in the negatives for the majority of the season. We had the chance to interview Jones himself a few times during, he was a very confident individual who never seemed to be down on himself or his teammates when in a rough spot. He told us that his mentality was to focus on the next game and making the playoffs, everything else didn't matter. He stated that he could have zero points this season and he'd make sure to be cheerful and supportive of his team, because he truly felt that positive energy makes his teammates play harder and when they play hard he does. Jones has taken many leadership roles in his young career. He was the captain of his High School team, Captain of the Steel during the junior showcase tournament and now Captain of The Philadelphia Reapers. His management always had faith in him and so far he has repaid that faith in full. So yeah, you could summarize Jones as just a playmaker but you'd be wrong. Jones is a hard working, adaptable, reliable playmaker with leadership capabilities. Pros: Loyal Passing Work ethic Determination Cons: Defense Afraid to shoot Afraid to block shots Weak shots
  6. Review: This is absolutely amazing! I wish I had done something like this for my junior review, I love how you have stats in all the leagues building up to when you made the VHL and you made it really easy to read and tell the different years apart. Ontop of all that the stats you made for George are very accurate and believable! Nice work. 10/10
  7. I'm a huge Nasher fan and from just the name I believe you are as well! Review: I love the way you did the lettering it's very unique. I do find it strange that the Helsinki alternative logo is the Swamp Rabbits logo, I never heard of that but I like it! This is really well done, my only nit pick thing is that the player is a bit out of focus. Other then that... 9/10
  8. Review: I like this, it's really well done and if I was on the team I'd definitely use it as a wallpaper. Only thing I noticed is there's a bit of green on the white wing decal and I'm not sure if it's intentional. Either way I really like it and hope to see more graphics from you! 9.5/10
  9. My third offical graphic. This is my teammate Spicy Gecko's player George Sanderson. He asked If I would be able to make a signature like I did with dpowers49 and I gave it a shot. Spicy requested Oscar Klefbom for this picture, let me know what you think. Thank you to the people that left helpful feedback on my last graphic and to Spicy Gecko for his input.
  10. Thanks Matty! I'll make sure to add some more things to make it unique and I appreciate the feedback.
  11. Thanks! I'll make sure to make the next one more clean now that I kind of got the hang of it.
  12. Good Evening Everybody. Today I decided to try to make a player picture (I believe it's called a signature or something) For my friend dpowers49, a new player on the Reapers. His favorite player is Tyler Seguin so I made this for him. Don't be too harsh as this is only my second time making a thing like this, my previous one being a goal puck and didn't have this much effort needed.
  13. 1:I think the newer players will take a couple weeks before finding their footing, but I believe they will have a big impact as the season progresses and help in the playoffs. 2:I believe we are heading in the right direction. We've found a way to increase our shot totals and last game was just a matter of puck luck as we lost by one goal. 3:C.Ixazaluoh 4:Miami. They are currently the team keeping us out of a playoff spot. 6:I have been preforming at a point per game pace. It was a slow start to the season but I'm starting to put up the points I expected. 7:Beware of Darkness-Muthaf**ka
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