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Maellard Takes His Talents to Houston


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Maellard Signs Contract to VHL Affiliate in Houston

- Odense, Denmark



2018 World Junior Championship Team Denmark Preview



Fresh white jersey with red and orange trim?  First line pairing minutes to start? 


Well that is not what Malum is expecting, however it is certainly an attainable goal as Season 82 encroaches its halfway mark.  Having met with player-agent frescoelmo this morning, the young defender was provided quote a few options on where he could start fresh in North America.


“A few things were important to me that led to my final decision on where to play the rest of this year,” Maellard explained to reporters.  “Location is important; I want to get my ass out of Denmark and to somewhere ideally warm.  A competitive team was a plus.  But most importantly, I heavily weighed who the assistant general manager (@Arce)  was in the organization I chose.  They do all the dirty work and get none of the credit.  That’s who you want to tie your name to.”


After playing a few years in prep hockey locally in Odense, Maellard established himself for two years as a budding defender on the Bulldogs IK roster in the same town.  “I will admit, at first I was pretty overwhelmed.  My body wasn’t ready to withstand checking, and the pace was a different level.  It really opened my eyes as to what it would take to make it to the Victory Hockey League,” Maellard continued.  “It took a lot of patience and effort to get my fundamentals down, playing on the third line almost my entire first season on the Bulldogs.  As you develop, parallel with growing into your body, my second season really reaped the benefits.”


Historically Odense has not been an upper-echelon organization within Metal Ligaen, and Maellard’s statistics somewhat reflected that.  Through 27 games this season, Malum totaled 27 games with only 7 assists and a -3 rating, with 40 hits and 26 penalty minutes.  “It has been frustrating, but you sometimes forget to take a step back and realize this league is not a high-scoring machine.  A lot of games are 2-1, 1-0, things like that.  Your stat line does not look good when you are on a bad team.  However, I’d like to think that tape on me shows a more comprehensive evaluation.”


Houston will be getting a guy who is young, ready to learn and will look to continue keeping opposing forwards on their heels.  As reflected in his statistics year to date, he is not much of a scorer and more of a defensive defenseman.  Sitting two points out of first place in their conference, Bulls could certainly use some developmental talent to plug into their bottom two lines with the hopes of getting a starter next year.

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