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Rico Zamboni visits London United and predicts more success


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Rico Zamboni, the 84 year old ice specialist from Las Vegas is traveling the league and left Oslo the other day to spend a few days in London to check out the European League leaders, London United.  Zamboni spent several hours checking the ice resurfacer, nicknamed “Big Ben,” and happily reported to the maintenance crew that the machine was in top form and guaranteed to provide quality ice for the London team through the playoffs.  Zamboni said, “If they lose sonny, it won’t be because the ice was in poor shape.”


Zamboni watched the United training sessions and was inspired by the work ethics of That Dude, star center for the team and leading hitter.  Zamboni explained that it is no wonder That Dude is also leading in penalty minutes, adding that there is a give and take sometimes in this league as That Dude is also able to contribute to the team’s scoring as he has 26 goals and 38 assists through 54 games.


Nis Godlander was another standout Zamboni noticed during the 5-2 loss to the Prague Phantoms.  Godlander added 6 hits to his stats along with a nice assist.  The speedy right winger has a few more years and will only get better.  Zamboni predicted that Nis Godlander will be instrumental in how far the United team goes this year and will surely be the future of the team.  He expects Godlander to bring home some trophies in the future.


Zamboni was mostly impressed with the balance of the team.  Every player not the team is defensive minded yet focused on scoring goals as well.  One of the younger defensemen, Juice Box has impressed General Manager McWolf with his scoring, skating, and puck handling.  Rob Fizzlebeef Jr leads the defense and is well respected throughout the league.  Zaza Colors is a fan favorite, playing with flare and flashy puck skills.  Colors is a major contributor in the scoring department for the London United.


The pride of the team belongs to rookie goalie Cole Pearce.  The tall, lanky puck stopper was drafted 1st overall in season 81 by the VHLM Saskatoon Wild.  He immediately impressed everyone in the VHLM, VHLE, and VHL, and was drafted 3rd overall this season.  Cole Pearce is a league leader in stats, ranking in the top 5 in most categories, to include #2 in assists.  Another impressive stat is that 7 of his 21 losses this year are in overtime, which doesn’t go unnoticed by opposing teams.  There is no team in the league who wants to go into a shootout against Cole Pearce.  Pearce will most definitely be another instrumental player in the future to keep the London United on top of the European League.


Kudos go out to GM McWolf and AGM SpicyGecko for putting together a long lasting threat in the league.  The teams is definitely going to be in the running for the next few seasons and judging by how the team has been managed it is clear to Rico Zamboni that they are also planning for the future.


Rico Zamboni is leaving London tomorrow to make his way to Bratislava, where he promised to hook up with Bojo Johanssen and Brian Payne for some beers, laughs, and advice.


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