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The Season Continues


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Well, another week passed, and this one was better for Tucker. Though he is outside the top 10 in most every category, he is tied for 1st in goals (46), tied for 2nd in power play goals (13), and is tied for 3rd with 3 hat tricks. However, other stats are faltering, as he only has 37 assists for 83 points, a +31 +/-, 77 PIM, and 168 hits. He’s still pretty good, though, and he’s still climbing the Vancouver leaderboards. Let’s have a look!


Games: 10th (414) - Again, no change here, but there wasn’t supposed to be any. Unless RGN gets traded or something, Tucker will finish his career in higher than 2nd in games.


Goals: 3rd (204) - Tucker successfully passed Zolnek and is now 20 games off the team record with 18 games to go. At the very least, he can probably get 13 to tie for 2nd place.


Assists: 7th (245) - 5 assists in the last week is pretty symbolic of Tucker’s season. No way he catches RGN for assists but Tucker could prolly slot into 3rd at the end of his career if he can learn how to pass next year.


Points: 6th (449) - Tucker won’t be able to catch RGN, who’s about to pass Su for points, but 2nd place is in reach for next season. Downey and Freeman are both at 460 so if he’s gonna pass anyone this season, it’s gonna be them.


PIM: 1st (777) - Honestly, all he’s doing is extending his record at this point. Nobody’s gonna catch him and very few are courageous enough to try.


Hits: 1st (1385) - Also a matter of extending his record, though there is a distinct possibility that someone would go for this record. Most people don’t like PIM, but a few do like hits.


Shots: 4th (2150) - Tucker stands just 37 shots behind Zolnek, and though progress is slow, we’re getting closer.


Game Winners: T-3rd (27) - For like the 3rd straight week, he’s made exactly 1 game winners. Another one this week means outright second place, but he’ll need 5 to be the all-time leader for Vanny.


So that’s that for this week, tune back in for a similarly mundane recitation of my statistics as I futilely chase team records!

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On 3/1/2022 at 3:55 AM, NSG said:

So that’s that for this week, tune back in for a similarly mundane recitation of my statistics as I futilely chase team records!

Mundane as it may be, record chasing is for some reason interesting to me. Also absolutely no ulterior motive at all due to you being on my fantasy team or anything.

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