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Payne pleading for a fight!!!


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At 56 games into the season and there is a lot to be proud about in Bratislava defenseman Brian Payne’s young career.  He plays a good defensive game, hits, and works hard at earning TPE.  However, despite all this he still can’t produce an even strength goal.  


Is it nerves? Stone hands? Poor offensive ability?  It could be all the above, but it still makes him wonder into the wee hours of the morning about what he can do to cross that landmine and contribute even strength.  In 56 games the youngster has 8 goals, all on the power play.  


Now playing on a team that has goal scorers like Girts Galvins and Bo Johansson it easy for Payne to take a back seat and just focus on playing defense but the curse of the even strength goal haunts him every time he logs in to check the box scores.  


Payne is dreaming and praying for one thing for games 57,58 tomorrow.  No, not an even strength goal but a fight to take out his frustrations and break the curse!!!!    



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I mean that goal has to happen eventually, it's just getting bizarre at this point. Especially since Payne has the 2nd highest Shots/20 of our Dmen, only a hair behind Bo. Though at least the goals are coming on the PP, so it's not all bad!

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