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Noodles Marconi : Junior Review


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Noodles Marconi

Junior Review


Introducing Noodles Marconi.  This badboy is straight out of the Alberta Badlands, referred often as “Badlands tough” as everything alive in the badlands either wants to bite you or poison you (in most cases both).  Little is known about Noodles’ childhood other than his family were ranchers in one of the most rugged places on the planet.



 Noodles’ minor hockey career was mostly uninspiring due to his long gangly frame (hence the name “Noodles”).  He followed pretty much a normal trajectory for Canadian kids, every two years moving on to the next division.  It was not until the summer of his 18th year when he began to fill out that Noodles began to be considered for a hockey career. Noodles hockey awakening came when he was invited to play for the Drumheller Dragons.


Here he spent two seasons developing his skills and becoming physically larger and stronger. Originally considered to be a journeyman right winger, Noodles surprised his coaches (and likely himself) by turning in a final season point total of 40 goals and 40 assists. After graduating from high school, Noodles entered the University of Calgary where he spent his undergraduate years playing for the legendary University of Calgary Dinos.  Again, thought to be a journeyman player, Noodles hit the score sheet on a regular basis much to the delight of his coaches and the fans.



When interviewed, his coaches unanimously declared that Noodles played with the most heart that they had seen in a long while.  They commented positively on his defense and scoring ability.  They also suggested that Noodles needed to work on his skating and strength.  


Recently, Noodles announced his decision to turn pro.  This was met with limited response from the VHLM with only Mississauga and Mexico City showing interest.  Noodles chose to try to play for Mexico City, having just recently accepted their FA offer.  When asked why, he responded, “ That is where Isau DaMoose played.  DaMoose is the hockey player after whom I model my game.  He played a two-way game and was a consistent contributor.  I am sure that his time in Mexico City had something to do with that!”




“Also,” Noodles stated, “I could be spending a season and a half with Mexico as I won’t be draft eligible until the end of next season.  That gives me time to work on my game and to be a more complete player.”



“ At the end of the day,” Noodles concluded, “I just hope I can contribute to the Kings’ success.  I have always played for the logo on the front of my jersey, not the name on the back.  And that ain’t gonna change !!”


Word Count: 446

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