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Are you looking for a car that can go everywhere? Are you tired of your wheels spinning around when it's slippery? Are you tired of being stuck in the sand? Lada Niva 4x4 is the answer to all your problems! I have been driving my Niva 4x4 for a few months now in the hostile Calgary climate. I can honestly say life has never been easier. I can put my hockey equipment at the back easily. I can throw the groceries to the back with the old bag as well, and I still have plenty of room for something else at the front next to me. The best part of it all is the price - it's very fair. Prices start from 972,900 Rubles or around 9700 dollars! Get 5% off your purchase with the promo code: ERLANTZ.


When you want to send a letter to a loved one, is there anything worse than not being able to trust the postman to deliver it to the right place in a reasonable time? When you are sending a package containing valuable goods that someone purchased from your business, is there anything worse than receiving news that the package was stolen? That is where Russian Post comes into the picture. By sending your letters and packages through the Russian Post delivery system you will get a 100% delivery guarantee. The postmen are armed and given orders to stop at nothing. The letters and packages will be delivered in time. Russian Post - get your message out there. To get a 10% of post stamps - use promo code: 3RLANTZ.



Are you watching 90 Days Fiance from Netflix, but the quality could be better? Are you surfing the internet, but it takes a long time to get from one place to another? Are you playing video games and the only reason you are not on top of the leaderboards is the sloppy internet connection? I have the answer for you. MTC! For only 450 rubles per month, you get a stable and fast connection. Think how much better everything will be? MTC! To get 10 Rubles off your first month - use promo code: EJOKINEN


Now that the necessities have been covered let's get to this week's topic. Calgary Wranglers are third in the NA division. We have secured a spot in the playoffs, or well almost. We are 24 points above New York, which is the last team below the playoff spot line, so things are looking good in that sense, we should make the playoffs. What is not looking good is our hopes of finishing first. Vancouver has 92 points and LA has 90 points, so it's starting to look like they are going to fight for the number one spot in NA. Unfortunate but that is the way it goes. At least we are in the playoffs - there anything can happen!

My season has been alright. I have 59 points, but they are working me like a horse in Calgary. I play the most, and I play tough minutes too. I'm hoping for a strong last effort in the regular season. Last year I had a strong run too. I collected loads of assists. I think I had 9 in 3 games at one sim or something like that. I'm hoping the same happens this year also.




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