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Poopy Peepants: Veteran Reflections


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From the Diaries of a Peepants

Changes Upon Changes for Poopy




It's crazy how life is sometimes.


I used to skate to clear my mind and relieve stress after tough days working my $35,000/year job bagging groceries in my hometown. Nowadays I mostly hit the ice professionally, I suddenly had to move to Sweden after moving all the way to Switzerland for three years, and I'm literally making over 100x the amount of money I used to. Needless to say, my life now is completely unrecognizable from what it was five years ago, and everything that has happened in between feels like a whirlwind.


When Jardy Bunclewirth found me and marketed me to the VHL, he went a little bit overboard. I was drafted 4th overall a year after playing my first game of hockey. Not my first professional game of hockey, my first LITERAL game of hockey. I was a rookie in the VHL two years after playing that first game. My GM at the time, Mr. Jerry Garcia, assured me that the franchise had reasonable expectations for me given my inexperience, but surely there was no amount of expectation I could meet being drafted early in the first round. Still though, I enjoyed my time with the Dynamo, and I felt like a small part of a complex machine. I was necessary, but not flashy. I could exist under the radar, and do what I could to help the team. However, we ultimately didn't meet much success, and when Mr. Garcia was unceremoniously driven out from the franchise, his replacement Alex Johnston Sr. wasted no time making sure I was right behind him. I was traded to Malmo in a deal involving two first round draft picks, and the expectations returned once again.


This year in Malmo, I tried to resume my under-the-radar persona. With legends like Brendan Telker and Druss Deathwalker on the team, I didn't feel I really needed to step up in a big way. In a way, I was right, because the usual suspects of great players on the Nighthawks continue to be great. However, it hasn't felt like the team has reached the level it needs to be to win a Continental Cup. I know this because it felt the same way with the Dynamo.


Despite how I began my professional hockey career, I *do* want to succeed in this league, and it's past time that I step up and take control of my own destiny. I can no longer hide from the fact that I am the number one defenceman for the Nighthawks, so I need to play the part. I can no longer be content with early playoff exits. I am an integral part of this team, and together we can reach the greatest of heights!


I'll even score a damn goal if I have to.


- PP

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