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VHLM Playoff Prep

der meister

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The Saskatoon Wild, Houston Bulls, and the Philadelphia Reapers are a cut above the rest in the VHLM picture. All three teams have at least 90 points on the season, and with the fourth ranked team, the Mexico City Kings, quite a bit behind with 77 points.


It's a well-known fact that in the VHLM, offense wins championships. To that end, the Houston Bulls seem primed to capture the title. Their 304 goals for are tops in the league, a 14 point cushion on Philadelphia, and their 177 goals against is second best, trailing Saskatoon by 5. That said, Houston is a team that wins by blowing out their opponents. On any given night, it's not a surprise to see Houston win by a score of 10-1, or 9-0.


The best opportunity for success that Philadelphia, Saskatoon, Mexico City, or any other team that Houston faces in the playoffs, is to play a tight checking game and try to force Houston to win a close game instead of a blowout. Easier said than done, but any team that can slow the Bulls' scoring is a team that could win it all.

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