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Lynx climbing the standings


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:ott:Lately if you have not been noticing the Lynx you should be now. They are hot! climbing the standings fast by currently going on a 5 game winning streak and sliding into 4th overall in the league. In their last two games Daniel Clarke scored 7 goals in just two games! He is on fire! Adison Bond has been closely behind him with assisting 3 goals and scoring 1 himself in just two games. The team has bounced back from have a decent start of the season. The pick ups that have been made by Lynx have been crucial for the team to defend their championship. With just less than 30 games in the season left the Lynx are looking good in securing a spot for the playoffs because of this hot streak that has been going for the team. Spirits are high in the locker room and leadership is charging the way forward for the team with make though decisions that have impacted the play like crazy. Can the Lynx go back to back? It might happen and you want to be in the front row when it does!




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