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My Random VHL Thoughts - S82 - Part 4

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  • Well, I missed the actual "Part 4" last week - whoops. I realized it at like 11:30 on Sunday night and just said "....nah". It's only 2 TPE, not the worst thing in the world. We all know goalie success comes down to STHS sim luck anyway, not actual TPE.
  • ...is this season over yet? My career so far has consisted of splitting time on bottom VHLM teams and now splitting time on the bottom VHLE team due to Oslo breaking (but actually obliterating) the Louth rule last season. I'm probably going to be a backup next season in Warsaw as well, but at least that team should be good.....why did I pick goalie again @Squidward?
  • So I FINALLY beat Margit in Elden Ring. This is my first "Souls" game and it took me a really, really long time. I think I had to level up to lvl 26 or something and must have spent hours on that guy. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong and it only took me about 5 more tries to get him down with the help of a NPC summoner and a spirit jelllyfish thing.
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3 hours ago, Banackock said:

@Fire Fletcher how is Elden ring? I love LOTR kinda stuff and was thinking about it but have never been huge on campaign playing type games :P 


I may not be the best person to ask, as this is my first Soulsborne game, but it is difficult. You have to be OK with dying a lot and "getting good" at the game.


Combat focuses on blocking, parrying, or dodging attacks and then getting one or two of your own attacks in. You have to learn the move set of each boss by dying over and over again. It probably took me at least 3 hours to beat the first boss.


It's open world exploration as well, but it becomes pretty apparent when you get to a part where you're not "supposed" to be yet because you just get one shot.

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