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  1. Do you believe in reincarnation? We can bring you back baby
  2. Good series, Toronto. I don’t think anyone expected you to win, but you did. Good group of people! We’ll be rooting for you as the underdogs like we were in S68. Seattle can’t win them all. 4/7! Onto next season Should of listened to Steve and did some testing fuck
  3. Any time! If you need a hand or further encouragement/motivation for tasks - you know where to find me.
  4. Name one thing spicier than the forums today!

    1. der meister
    2. IamMOOSE


      Helsinki versus Moscow right now.

  5. I like Harry Potter, GoT and LoTR. I am baby nerd
  6. Shouldn’t be using nerd in a bad connotation or else nerds will start an uproar in 2030.
  7. I only skimmed because I’m not about condoning violence.
  8. Simon, with STHS, probably is too, lol! Like I said, Tor’s goalie will either win it or ours will lose it.