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  1. Apparently, Prague said the exact same thing.
  2. If this isn’t rigged IDK what is. 😂
  3. Banackock

    NYA/SEA; S69

    Didn’t you bitch about the same shit and act like a little dumbass and put your GM in a real tough spot? Just saying. I think he just wants to be on a a team that knows where they’re going and is actually getting there. As for his contract, we value his increase in TPE, activity and personality and at the end of the day, it’s a whopping 500k. Wowza.
  4. Banackock

    NYA/SEA; S69

    @Smarch We’ve spoken. For the sake of public formality, thanks for all you’ve done. It was awesome finally owning your soul and having you part of my Bears organization. Whenever you popped in, you warmed our hearts. Thanks for helping us accomplish the ultimate goal of a champion... we’re technically still the champs, FYI. @Steve We heard you cries for help.
  5. Banackock

    MOS/DAV; S69

    Good deal both ways. Davos gets what they can in a weaker market while eliminating CGY from that picture of maybe moving their goalie... and Moscow, I see them trying to trade for goalies all the time and fucking it up. Seems this time they got it right! @Poptart GL in Moscow.
  6. If everyone just created one multi, Project Player 2 would be back... #DoTheRightThing PP2
  7. He also assumed my gender once by calling me “man”. This is 2019, buddy. You’re lucky I don’t sue you or blow it up via Global News.