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  1. Banackock

    Welcome Zanth!

  2. Banackock

    GM 12: Meute vs. Bears

    Sterling is a beast tho tbh
  3. Banackock

    Robbie Press Conference

    1. Has Kane retired yet? 2. Are you pleased with his progression and play? 3. What is Orion gonna be like? 4. Name the top 3 best looking women in the world. 5. Would you suck dick for money, if sucking the dick gave you any power of your choice? @BluObieZ
  4. Banackock

    Samuel Gate press conference

    1. Thoughts on being drafted 2nd overall, to Quebec? 2. Thoughts on their rebuild so far? 3. Seasonal expectations? 4. When do you think QUE will snap out of the build fully? 5. Fuck one, kill one, marry one go --> Blake Lively, Mila Kunis, Margot Robbie @street
  5. Banackock

    Johnny Cari's Presser

    1. Does your player have any superstitions? 2. Are there any VHL teams that catch your eye that you may want to play on? 3. Thoughts on your season so far? It's early - but what how do you think you'll do? 4. Enjoying the league? Any questions or are you finding your way? 5. Lastly - your favourite fast food restaurant and what's your meal of choice. Oink. @Donno100
  6. Banackock

    Rauno Palo - Press Conference

    1. Are you happy to be back on the VHL? What made you come back? 2. Is there a story behind your players name - or just a name you thought of? 3. Feelings on being taken by the Oslo Storm in the VHLM Dispersal draft? 4. Who are you happy to play with on the Storm this year? 5. Where do you think you go in the VHL draft next season? @jRuutu
  7. Banackock

    Klutch King Kiaskov'$ Press Conference

    1. You were traded to NYA, yes? Thoughts on NYA's team this year? 2. Who has the best chance at the cup? Who are the underdogs? 3. Thoughts on leaving behind QUE (I think it'll be good for you as a member and your career fyi). 4. Expectations for yourself this season (goals etc etc). 5. Who are you most excited to play with on NYA? @Exlaxchronicles
  8. Banackock

    Chat's Press Conference

    1. Thoughts on being drafted by the Bears? 2. What is your favourite beer and hard liquor? 3. Favorite fast food restaurant? 4. Expectations for your career? 5. Is there a chance in seeing the activity rise? @eaglesfan036
  9. Banackock

    Sergei Kovalev Press Conference

    1. Expectations for yourself on the season? You're killing it thus far. 2. Thoughts on Oslo's draft and recent signings? 3. What were some of Oslo's biggest draftees or signings? 4. Thoughts on one day lining up with Smirnov and Thompson @Beketov 5. Are you going to be a Bear for life? yes or yes? @Laflamme
  10. Banackock

    Pod Cast Press Conference (PCPC)

    1. Thoughts on being taken by Riga? 2. Were you secretly hoping to go elsewhere? 3. Expectations for yourself this season? 4. Who do you think wins it all? 5. Whose budgets are the worst to do (team wise lol) @Victor
  11. Banackock

    Matt Thompson Press Conference

    1. Expectations for the season for Thompson? 2. What position do you think the Bears should draft next? 3. Any prospects you think that stand out in the next draft? Too soon to tell? 4. Which team wins it all? 5. When do you feel the Bears rebuild will be over? @Beketov
  12. Banackock

    Konstantin Mulligan Press Conference

    1. What are your expectations for the season? 2. Thoughts on where you could land in the VHL draft? 3. Where do you want to play in the VHL? 4. What are your players goals? Win cups? Score the most goals? What TPe level etc? 5. Does your player have any superstitions? @Pandar
  13. Banackock

    Blake Campbell (Bears GM)

    Ask me 5.
  14. Banackock

    Mats Johnsson Press Conference

    Here I am, saving the day for PC's again.. 1. What was your deciding factor on Calgary? (Congrats btw) 2. What are your expectations for the team this year? 3. What are your expectations for yourself? Goals? Points etc. 4. Predict the top 3 teams this year. 5. Who scores the most goals in the VHL? Best goalie? Best D-man? Top Rookie?