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  1. Banackock

    S63 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    @Arthur It's been 48 hours. You're allowed to pick. @ATaylor27_ As are you @nicolas01 You are allowed too! It's a 12 hour pick limit and then the next is allowed to pick. You 3 are up If not mistaken, may even be @hedgehog337's turn.
  2. Banackock

    Diljodh -> LVA

  3. Banackock

    (S64) RW - PierLuc Besner, TPE: 30

    Welcome to the league. Any questions, fire away @VHLM GM will get in contact with you so we can find you a team prior to the season getting underway!
  4. S63 Seattle Bears CAPTAINS! I don't think I've been this excited for a season since the year we won the cup. We made numerous moves that witnessed us gain strength in all immediate areas that we needed it. We became stronger, more active and instantly a much more fun place to be (rebuilds are tough, okay?). We're surrounded by a great amount of good people and active members and are happy to have had 2 long-time, once up a time Seattle Bears make a return to end their careers down the road. With that being, said - let's announce the S63 Seattle Bears captains! Your 1st Assistant Captain... David KIASKOV - "A" This was the toughest of them all (the secondary A captain). We have numerous great pieces on the organization who are vocal in their own ways. We have a mixture of young and old, soon to be done or only getting started with us! Tough call, but from our talks in the off-seasons free agency period about his excitement and quick decision to join the team, to how he is in our locker room. Over the seasons and as he's progressed through his career, all I've witnessed was a great overall guy and Seattle puts recognition to that. @Exlaxchronicles Your 2nd "A" CAPTAIN... MATT THOMPSON !!!!! This was another tough spot to pick. It was between him and another person. We talked about this very briefly and I want to give him assurance and a form that we acknowledge him as a leader and such. @Beketov is on his second go with one of my teams and each and every time he's on my teams, I'm very grateful of his presence, activity and opinions (as he is my go-to guy usually with anything Bears). Appreciate all the help and what you bring to the Bears! AND NOOOOOOW! YOUR S63 SEATTLE BEARS CAPTAIN! WELCOME HOME... GABRIEL MCALLISTER!!! Unfortunately, no great gif could be found, but seemingly a great picture for Gabriel McAllister. It sums it up perfectly! Mcallister has the leadership and such that reminds me of another great leader, Joe Sakic. Not only this, but with Sakic came cups and with McAllister came one for me too! Known for being a great member, great leader in and out of the LR and very happy to have him back in the LR to finish it where it once upon a time all began. Hopefully we can get him 800 PTS in his career (currently 5 off of 700). @CowboyinAmerica LETS GO BEARS!
  5. McAllister 5 pts away from 700!

  6. Banackock

    Connor McDavid -> LVA

  7. Banackock

    Fabio Lucera -> LVA

  8. Banackock

    Kyson Blake -> SSK

  9. Banackock

    Finn Davison -> OTT

  10. Banackock

    Jonathan Hill -> HFX

  11. Banackock

    D - Jonathan Hill (HFX)

  12. Banackock

    Divaani Sohva -> OSL

  13. Banackock

    GM 13: Calgary Wranglers vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    We’ve had I think 3 or 4 days worth of warning. Whatever day the index was up.
  14. Banackock

    GM 12: New York Americans vs. Seattle Bears

    It happens now and the also at the Oiler game hehe
  15. Banackock

    GM 12: New York Americans vs. Seattle Bears

    Right it was our 1st game haha