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  1. I heard somebody talking about it but I can't remember where. I also seen an article from @Jubis about how the league was filling up. There is no denying that all the teams are getting fuller and reaching their capacity. I didn't fully look into the article and am unsure if he actually looked into how many of those players are active and how many are inactive. I know Seattle is currently on a mission to sign some sweet in-actives that is going to lead to an all-time best GMOTY award steal come the next off-season (sorry @Victor). I know the more teams get full, the more people are going to sta
  2. 100%. I've seen that word more and more over the last few weeks.. I have the vibe it's coming even though I don't believe we should just yet..
  3. Transaction ID: 20500725814439042 5 TPE (Claimed 01/18/20) Doubles Week (Claimed 01/18/20) Free Week
  4. I don't know how many of these I've started but this is the easiest one to remember because each title had it's own name depending where I was writing. Sometimes at work, in bed, in the tub, on the shitter. My artsy word vomit for the league happens in many unique places. One of the best times of the season is around and that's the off-season. Lot's of action was happening so let's just get right into my 3 bear blabs for the week. I think this season is going to be my 28th season as a general manager. It's been pretty constant for energy for quite some time. No dip, no gain. Can't
  5. What is the VHLM at though? Maybe it's time to make a bit more of a balanced system? I know we don't want to clog up the VHLM.... but expanding every 3 seasons is all fun and games until it becomes too much and then the bubble bursts. I know we've done great and the amount of members we have is awesome, but the M is still naked. I might save my thought for a quick media spot.
  6. Bana's S76 Quick Q's Press Conference Rules Seattle Bears Team Page 19. Predict the Bears record at the end of the 72 game regular season. 20. Predict your players offensive stats at the end of the 72 game regular season (VHL or M) 21. Who will be the Bears biggest player this up and coming season? 22. Predict who you think will be the league MVP? 23. Which goalie will reign supreme and be goalie of the year? 24. What team will make the finals from the EU? Why? 25. What team will make the finals from the NA? Why? Remember,
  7. A lot less weird than the first video done lol. Almost had a nice WWE promo vibe to it. Interesting stuff, Thad. Props for your efforts and dedication so far. I can’t wait to see how you do. Good luck.