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  1. 21. What do you think of our L in Round 1? 22. Expectations for next season? 23. riga or calgary? 24. Why did Seattle lose to NYA? 25. Who was the best player for the Bears in the season? 26. ARE YOU READY FOR TIMOTHY BROWN? 27. Who should Seattle leave unprotected? Name one. Why? 28. Who would you protect? Name one. Why? 29. What did you do yesterday? 30. What do you plan to do today? 31. What do you want to do tomorrow? 32. What are you doing this coming weekend? 33. Covid is shit, but any plans for the rest of summer you're looking forward to? 34. GM Bana gifts you a cub (lil bear) for Xmas. What do you name it? Why? 35. If you had to pick a celebrity to play you in a movie, who would it be and why? 36. Beaviss and a chocolate bar are dangling from a cliff and you can only save one. What kind of Chocolate bar was it and how good did it taste? @a_Ferk @Rayzor_7 @Berocka @zepheter @Dil @Walter Fizz @Devise @oilmandan @DoktorFunk @TXC @Zetterberg @leafsman @Saelven88
  2. Reminds me of an old video game. I like though!
  3. You be hearing Davos squeaking about this last draft.. anyone talking about how Seattle owned 4 out of top 6 guys? No? Okay.
  4. Sorry to hear and best wishes buddy.