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  1. Bana's S77 Quick Q's Press Conference Rules Seattle Bears Team Page S77 VHL Index S77 VHLM Index 40. We traded @oilmandan. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? 41. We traded @Dtayl. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? 42. We traded for @Matt_O - once a rival with Malmo back when our dynasty first started.. how did you welcome them? 43. We also traded for @FrostBeard.. who returns to the Bears family. We pranked him on day 1 coming back. What did we do? 44. What are your plans for the weekend
  2. Banackock

    SEA/RIG; S77

    @Dtayl We spoke. You know you’re a Bear. Somehow you keep coming back . We got history. Thanks for it all. Thanks for being a great Bear and teammate. See you around again! @Matt_O I’ve tried to add you since your last player. I pushed pretty hard with that player and have made a few attempts with Zod too! From Malmo rivalry... to becoming a Bear! Welcome to the family!! DA BEARZ Thnx Hedge!
  3. Alternate Reality: Magical Forest, Part One The Magical Forest. Where does one even start to begin when leading you down the path which leads you to the Magical Forest? I'm sure if you've been around in the league for a few seasons to about a career length of time, you've heard the rumors, the myths, the legends and the whispers of a magical, mystical, secretive and so otherworldly place that only a very select group of people have ever experienced. You've heard the tales told from those who heard from a person, who heard from another person, who heard from the source
  4. Found a little time on my lunch to fire off some tasks so that I can tackle the Theme Week the league has rolled out. Easter passed and it was enjoyable for what it was/is. Ate a dirty amount of chocolate and mini eggs and I think we enjoyed pretty nice weather. Covid is going a little wild in Alberta again so we’re back to that but the restrictions don’t bother or effect me an incredible amount. I just hope people care about others, are healthy/happy/safe and able to manage everything. We’re so close and it’ll be over soon!! The end of the tunnel is almost there.. now, onto #10 for Bana Blabs
  5. Not bad. Big games by both goalies! @Victor @aksuko Nice OT winner @Hex Universe Riga really went at it
  6. Good luck to those applying. I was a member of Houston during S73 and it was one of my better experiences on a VHLM team. Each team is different and we have multiple options for communication but we had awesome moments in the locker room. Good luck to those applying. RJ is a good person and it was fun helping him out during S73!
  7. No one change Seattle dynasty plz Rayz funk and Hulk Hogan ^
  8. This. I know we’ve spoken and you mentioned that you want to step away from all extra roles so that you can focus specifically on ensuring you enjoy your player and can continue to be consistent with your earning. There’s nothing wrong with stepping away from additional roles for this purpose and it’s good you recognized it before it became an issue. Also happy you’ll be focusing on Hex and maintaining your role with us. You’ve been awesome and lived up to expectations. CHEERS MY DUDE!