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  1. @DilIsPickle I seen the notification of a topic named "bana". Clickity and I was presented with a link in the "thunder dome". Not gonna lie, my expression was:
  2. Best of luck. Seattle doesn't have the room moving forward. It's a move that anyone would have made and I was glancing over things and decided to do some early next-season cleaning.
  3. OUCHIES. I fucked up my voting. Meant to have Vic in there. @Victor as opposed to HSK. Oh wells. Go Moscow!
  4. Again? 🤣 Do not act surprised.. Do not act surprised..
  5. Maxim Kovalchuk beats up Hunter Hearst Helmsley at 8:39 of 1st period PS if they would have beat us... they'd be in 1st for Euro conference.