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Bratislava Battles


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66 games into the season Bratislava sits at 75 points with 8 games to play. They have been battling to stay ahead of a charging Instanbul team. Currently Istanbul has 71 points, just 4 points behind Bratislava and it's coming down to the wire on who finishes 2nd in the Southern Conference and takes the 4th playoff spot. Bratislava has been ahead of Istanbul all season and are still in the drivers seat, they need to continue to win and keep pace ahead of the Red Wolves. Interestingly enough these teams play each other in the 2nd to last game of the season with a huge 2 points on the line. Whoever wins this game will likely make the playoffs. Bratislava plays Rome, Vasteras, Cologne, Istanbul and Geneva twice in their remaining games. Istanbul plays Cologne 3 times, Oslo, Rome and Bratislava. What stands out here is 3 games vs Cologne who are the #1 team in the league this point. It appears as if Istanbul has a harder schedule so they really have an uphill battle. If Bratislava can win 3 of their next 6 games they should probably take the 4th playoff spot, especially if one of those wins is against Istanbul. It will be fun to watch these final 6 games. We are obviously homers but we'll be rooting for Bratislava! 

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