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Kisslinger II interview


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Kisslinger II is on fire this season and is quickly becoming known as one of the VHL’s top point scorers and is making a name for himself as one of the best in the league. Today, I have the privilege of sitting down with Zach Kisslinger II and asking him a few questions that we all want to know the answer too.


Interviewer: Hello, Kisslinger, today I just want to ask you a few questions if that is okay?

Kisslinger II: Hello and of course! That is why I am here right? To answer your questions haha!

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Q. What do you think the main factor of your high point totals is?

A. Honestly, it is my teammates. I have some of the best players in the VHL on my team and it really does help player with a solid group of players. Some of it is my own skill, but without my teammates I would not be as great as I am this season.

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Q. Warsaw is sitting in a tough spot and must come away with a couple big wins to make the play offs, what is your plan when it comes to winning these must win games?

A. Our plan is to play our game of hockey. We have speed size and skill all on our side and our team plays this way like no other. We also have a lot of trust in our GM and coaches to make the right decisions moving forward.

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Q. If Warsaw fails to make the playoffs, would you consider this season a failure?

A. No of course not. We went out every night and gave our best hockey, or tried to, every time. We have some amazing rookies this season like Marner and Wilk, and we have a couple in system like Wumbo. We are going to be a dangerous team moving forward and if we make the playoffs this year, we will show other teams we are dangerous now as well.

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Q. What do you feel Warsaw needs moving forward?

A. I feel like Warsaw needs some new defensemen. We do not have many defensemen so they barely get any breaks, and it can cause us to let some goals in when we do not need to. The team fully backs the GM with whatever he decides to draft.


Q. How has life been in Warsaw this season?

A. Life in Warsaw this season has been amazing. Hockey is getting bigger and bigger here and it is always nice to have fans come up and recognize us. It is such a great place to live, with lots of good people and good fans. I can see myself living here after my retirement.  

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Q. Do you think becoming a star in Warsaw has affected your performance for the better?

A. Yes for sure! I love walking out of that tunnel and hearing all the fans go crazy, it is so hard for it not to hype me up. I feel so electric and sometimes that is what drives me for the crazy plays I do.

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