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Sam talks a lot: written edition


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Hi, Welcome to sam rambles for 500 words cause she needs a point task and hasn't done one yet this week. This will not be good, do not expect good things in this. I encourage you to stop reading now before I turn your brain into mush.


Thing 1: Joe Madison is dead!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. After way too many seasons of being mediocre and me hating on him, I have finally retired him and he is now in his grave. I never want to hear his name again if I am being honest. He was so bad but it's okay. It is what it is. I am excited to move on to a new chapter.


Thing 2: New chapter is here and it's time for velociraptor Greg to take over. He's from Finland which is really cool place, at least I imagine it is. He joined Philly which uh many Halifax players were not pleased about but what do I care about what they say. He hasn't had a great start but maybe one day he will be good enough to get a point…. who knows. He's a velociraptor if you didn't know by his name which makes him 100x better than any of your players. I expect him to get ejected every 5th game just for the memes cause that would be fantastic.


Thing 3: Halifax. We aren't good and like it's okay but man do we have a fun time. We all are just vibing, half of us named sam getting semi confused about who is being talked to when the name sam is said because there are so many of us. I am really impressed by all the waivers we got this season. A lot of them have stuck around and have gotten to great places. Many of them recently reached 100 tpe and were able to claim the wonderful first-gen bonus. I am very proud of so many people on that team and genuinely so happy to be able to gm them and teach them the game. There's no better feeling as a gm than when players want to return to your team and they are vocal about it. It gives you the sense that you are doing something right as a gm and it's something that makes me love the M so much. 


Thing 4: Fixing the meta? I mean they are trying to. A new plan was unveiled that will be going into effect this offseason. Which makes me happy I recreated now because I don't have to worry about rebuilding Madison and I can start fresh. I think it will be an interesting first couple of seasons. It will be interesting for me personally to see how it might affect the boom and bust cycle of the M because it doesn't seem like an 80 vs 200 tpe player will be that much different. I think it will be very interesting to watch and see how things unfold next season. There really shouldn't be a standout team because no one knows how builds will work. There will be a sharp learning curve for everyone. It will also be interesting to see how it will affect M gms and how they teach players. It will make it so you feel like you can give players less of a direct path and let them have some more fun with it.


Anyways, I'm done now. Goodbye.

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  • samx changed the title to Sam talks a lot: written edition
8 hours ago, samx said:

I never want to hear his name again if I am being honest.

gi joe 80s GIF200.gif


8 hours ago, samx said:

There's no better feeling as a gm than when players want to return to your team and they are vocal about it.

HFX LR is a good place to be, so can't blame them really. Besides how are you supposed to keep the Sam army together if they don't all return? Though honestly I can't remember how many of the Sams were drafted/FA rather than waivers.

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