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Can Malmo make the playoffs?


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The initial answer to this question is, probably, Malmo sit 4th in the EU with 4 games left. Warsaw sit 5th with 5 games left, and Moscow sit 6th with 4 games as well. The big kicker is there is a 2 points separating these 3 teams, so it will be a true battle likely to the final day of sims. Malmo have had a wonkier season then they would have liked, with the young guns shining, while the veterans have seen a fall back in production, despite many veterans still carrying plenty more tpe. It’s been a head scratcher, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Malmo’s young players took over the headlines and scoresheets. It looks like many rounds in the EU have the potential to all be 6-7 games, just with how tight and inconsistent many of the teams have been over the season. Malmo are in as good of shape as they can be, all they can do now is leave it all out on the ice.

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