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Saskatoon Success


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Saskatoon Success


Saskatoon - After a tough and lengthy season for the Saskatoon Wild this season. They’ve taken the whole VHLM league by storm, finishing near the top of the standings with 103 points. Just behind the Houston Bulls, at 104 points. This came as a surprise to many as last year had the Saskatoon team way behind other teams in terms of success. But with the right key players brought into this young team, such as Augustus Kennedy, Jeffy Buffy and Minou Lambert. This team has been unstoppable as of late. This is due to their amazing offensive depth, consisting of 10 All-Star calibre players in the offensive regiment. Not only that, but their defence has been astonishing as well, although they don’t have the defensive depth most teams would love to have. They have found consistent pieces that contribute to their success in every game. Lastly, the goaltenders out of Saskatoon have been some of the best we've seen in years with this team. Although Augustus Kennedy has been the go-to goalie for the Wild, they’ve had 2 more goaltenders in the ranks, both Tom Edwards and Jenny Phillip have both learned together with their time in Saskatoon to be a solid starting goaltender in the VHLM next year.


Anyway, I look forward to what this Saskatoon team can do come playoff time. It seems like the sky’s the limit for this legendary team!

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