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Sigard Petrenko - Career Season

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SEATTLE - Nearing the end of the season, Sigard Petrenko has proven that his decision to jump ship to the Victory Hockey League early was not the wrong one. Two decent seasons to start off his career in the big leagues built up to a season filled with career records being broken. From having 22 goals in his first season to being on the verge of breaking 30, as well as breaking the 80 point barrier for the first time with 83 points, Sigard has proven that he can somewhat contribute on offense. His +52 plus-minus and his 42 shot blocks are also career highs. Though, something that also probably helped was being placed on the top line for a majority of the season, playing alongside the slick Taro Tsujimoto. Vinny Detroit and Justin Lose were the wingers he played with, showing chemistry with both. While it can be questioned whether playing with these high profile players padded his stats, Sigard is simply happy that his work is paying off.


“3 games left in the season and I’m just happy that I’ve been able to score, man.” He said in an interview. I’m glad that the organisation put so much trust in me and I’m glad that I’ve been able to somewhat repay it. Of course, with Taro and Lose retiring, I have to prove my ability to stand on my own. That’s the next step for me I think, being able to get those totals consistently. I just need to prove that I didn’t luck my way into those stats.”

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