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Season 82 Pre-Post Season Interview

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With the end of the regular season of Season 82 of the VHLM just around the corner, we found time to have one last short chat with the Houston Bulls star defender AirRig GoodBrandSun @Rhynex Entertainment before we head into the playoff.


Reporter: Hello AirRig! It's good to see you again! We are at that time of the season. The time when we prepare for the post season! What are your thoughts on your season? Are you ready for the playoffs?


AG: Hello. It's good to see you as well! I am hyped for the REAL season to begin. That's what I am here for! My season is not ending the way I've wanted. Got to bring my A game when it really matters in a week or so.


Reporter: What will you do to prepare yourself for the playoffs and let you bring your A game?


AG: There's not much to say about this. Just got to give it a 110%. We have two games left to prepare ourselves so time to use that time as a warm up for the good games. We could get home ice advantage for the playoffs with 2 wins, so let's start there.


Reporter: Sounds like a plan! Best of luck in the playoffs! We'll see you then!


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