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Wondering about the future.


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Leandro Goncalves, the Portuguese Wonder. He entered the league with high expectations, not by the league itself, but by himself.


Now, we're entering the playoffs. A rookie season has gone and one trade after, Leandro's playing for the Mexico City Kings. He's found his place and the Kings have been using him the right way. A Center controlling the pace of play in the second line, while having a great impact in Special Teams.


Although this shouldn't be a focal point at the moment, Leandro is near an important decision. His level of improvement has put him as a top player in the VHLM as we enter the playoffs, but gave him a task for the future.


200 TPA. The threshold. The mating call from the VHLE. His country calling back for him. Does he wish to go back to Europe so soon? That's what he'll have to think about in the upcoming weeks.


In a press conference earlier this year, while still in the Hounds, Ente asked what the goal for the season was.


150 TPE was it, but that's long gone, and looking at what's still to come... let's say hello to the VHLE. *wink* *wink*


Ice Hockey Sport GIF by NHL


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