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No Fuhr (Ep. 7)


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This one is long and boring, not worth it imo, just forget about it tbh. 




... No, really, it is super boring.


About as boring as reading this so probably the most boring podcast ever made.


Maybe that was a bit dramatic, but it's still really boring. 


This was boring to write. 


Sometimes when I say or write a word multiple times I start to think about the word, and break it down. Separate it in my mind. 




Then I start to think about why the word exists or how it came to be, which usually leads me to looking up facts like this:


Boring was first referenced in 1853 in relation to animals that bore, present-participle adjective from bore (v.1); 1840 in the sense "wearying, annoyingly dull, causing ennui," from bore (v.2). As a verbal noun, mid-15c., "action of piercing or perforating."




Which then leads me to the inevitable conclusion that the word boring was the right word to use for that term, and that my whole journey to discovering that information was itself- a bore.



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