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Who is Jake Thunder?


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Who is Las Vegas Aces Defenseman Jake Thunder @Thunder?  That is the question leading into the VHLM playoffs and eventual draft.  One might think we’re talking about his defensive play or offensive abilities (or lack thereof), his massive TPE earnings.  Nope, were talking about the selfless acts he does as a teammate.  No one knows this more than fellow Ace, Hugh G Johnson.    


On most nights Las Vegas Aces players are eating correctly, stretching after workouts, or thinking about their game.  Not Huge G. Johnson @EMoney002.  The once sought after forward has a taste for the dark side of Vegas.  Johnson has his own VIP section in the Palomino Gentlemen Club where it is said he has an affinity for red headed strippers.  Fights, lack of TPE production, lazy practices define Hugh’s short career despite coming into the league hot and sought after by the San Diego Marlins.  


Now where does Thunder come into all of this?  Well, despite moonlighting on off days for the Excalibur Hotel, Thunder from Down Under dance show Jake spends his time getting Johnson out of trouble.  Thunder is selfless when it comes to the team and even thought Johnson has been in the league a year earlier, Jake feels that Johnson is still worth salvaging as a player and friend.  And what is truly amazing is that even though Thunder loves Las Vegas and has some late nights he still has the time to earn massive amounts of TPE. 


Now, Thunder’s numbers this year aren’t going to give you a full picture on his complete play and why he should be drafted in the first round.  With 4 G 19 A, 23 Pts aren’t hall of fame numbers, he is a hall of fame teammate for sure.  Just ask Johnson, when he’s sober. Thunder brings hits, blocked shots, and has a defense first mindset which is a must have for all teams to be successful.  Thunder plays a quiet game earning hard minutes and cares nothing of stats for himself but wins and losses. (And some weird fetishes but that’s for another time)


As the Aces prepare for the playoffs in a stacked conference they will rely on his tough defensive play as they battle some stacked division teams like the Houston Bulls or Philly Reapers.  With the coming end of the Meta build (*whatever that is) players like Thunder will be sought after talents.  


As the playoffs start and tournaments such as the Junior Showcase start, we will start to see Thunder’s production increase as well as his draft status.  Mark my words now, teams that pass on Thunder will kick themselves as the season roll by and they must play this stout and incredibly ugly defenseman (honestly, he’s tough to look at).   He’s already at 195 TPE before his first season I am excited to see him climb the draft rankings.  


If only he didn’t have to care for his slowly dwindling dim-witted teammate Johnson :) and his strange relationship with an elderly Zamboni driver who knows where he’d be in the rankings.  



Best of luck Aces in the playoffs. 



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Actually at this rate @Thunder will dodge the JST on account of being too high TPE to be eligible, because he's just been training too damn hard! But then that will probably translate into him being drafted higher than a certain Mr.Payne in the M and L drafts, so perhaps that was his evil plan all along? Who knows?🤔

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