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Miami Rounding into Form


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After some notable midseason acquisitions, the Miami Marauders find themselves in the postseason yet again with hopes on taking home the ultimate prize.  They enter this season's playoffs with some solid hockey in their rear view mirror, propelling them towards their first round matchup with the Wild.  Thanks to some fantastic offense and timely defense, the Marauders ended the season on an overall high note and are playing some of their best hockey as they prepare for the first round of the playoffs.  While taking down the Wild will certainly be a tall task, the mood in Miami is one of positivity and excitement.  Some outsiders have used the word "spoiler" in describing Miami's chances this postseason, but that's a moniker no one on the team has adopted.


"We don't think we're just a spoiler," said newly minted Maruader Dogwood Maple, "we think we have a great chance to win it all this season.  Not only do we have a great team and front office, but the entire city of Miami is behind us. They're one of the main reasons we've been playing so well and we can feel their energy every single game."


While Maple is firmly against calling Miami as a potential spoiler, they certainly enter the first round as the underdogs.


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