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Napoleon Dynamite - First Taste of Professional Hockey


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Not long after announcing his interest in playing for the VHLM, General Manager @BrutalBoost of the Saskatoon Wild reached out to Dynamite, expressing interest in adding him to the roster. Of course, without much thought, and out of pure excitement, Dynamite jumped on the opportunity. He was immediately placed as the 3rd line center and began doing work. Playing only 14 games, it was clear that Napoleon had some work he still needed to do. In that time he only put up 2 points, which happened in his first two games. To this point, he has not been much of a producer. However, he has won over half of his face offs, ending the season with 51.30% FO average. Dynamite learned quickly that his natural talent will not be enough to make him great. He'll have to put in a lot more work if we hopes to make an impact on the ice. His biggest hope right now is to help Saskatoon win it all in the playoffs and mark himself as a valuable asset for next season.

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