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Thanks Bratislava


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Bratislava's season came to an end with a hard fought series against Rome in round 1 of the VHLE Playoffs. The Watchmen definitely came to play, took a ton of shots but weren't able to score enough goals to beat Rome and move on to the finals. It was a fun season nonetheless and Girts Galvins is very thankful to his teammates and GM's for such a fun year. Playing for GM's Frostbead and Shindigs was a great experience, they were always available to chat, answer my questions and support me in any way needed. Really appreciate all their time and effort this season. Thanks to my teammates also for their hard work and tpe earning, we improved across the roster this season and had a chance to win it all just didn't happen. Girts Galvins had an insane amount of shots in the 5 game series, he tallied 42 shots but only scored 1 goal, which I think everyone could agree is kind of ridiculous. If Galvins had scored on even 10%  of his shots this may have been a different series, but that's how the sim goes sometmes. We assume Galvins will move up to the VHL next season to play for Warsaw, but he will always have good memories of his time in Beardislava. 

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