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Fourth quarter report for Ori (S82) New career highs


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Hello and welcome back, it's our final report for season 82, and in this post we are covering Ori. Jonathan Ori matched his quarter three points with 26 again, so in the second half of the season he earned 52 points in 36 games, which is actually the same amount of points he earned in the second half of season 81. In the stretch of 18 games he only failed to score any points three times, game 57 he only had 1:14 of ice time as he took his second game misconduct of the season, he won 2 out of 3 faceoffs. He had 8 multi point games and overall had 6 goals and 20 assists. Ori took the most amount of faceoffs over any quarter so far of his career, taking 991, much like the first quarter if not for the game misconduct he could have taken over 1000, and also like quarter one he won a frustrating 599 faceoffs, one shy of breaking 600 for a second time. Overall his faceoff percentage was 60.44.


His season end totals are a career high in assists and points, 70 helpers and 92 points, as Alex Johnston was traded it moved Ori up on the team in the leader boards and he finished just one point behind Verlander for most points on the team and had the most assists on the team. Overall in the VHL he was 45th in terms of points scored and 21st in assists. He took a grand total of 3842 faceoffs and had a winning percentage of 60.49. We also wanna point out that Ori played a ton of minutes, playing 2226 in total as forward, usually you see those kind of minutes for blue liner, he averaged 30.92 minutes per game. Finally Ori was tied for the lead in power play points on the team, with a total of 30, 23 assists and 7 goals on the man advantage.


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