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Galvins Finally Scores


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2. Warsaw Predators , Girts Galvins 1 (Brian Payne 21, Zach Kisslinger II 26) at 5:02. 


Well it finally happened! Warsaw rookie Girts Galvins scored his 1st VHL goal.. in just his 45th game! That's right folks, no longer is he a player who can't score in the VHL, he is a player who can score roughly once every 45 games, so watch out or you will miss his next goal in game 18 of next season! All kidding aside, it was a great feeling to finally light the lamp for the Warsaw Predators and contribute to a victory. Girts Galvins 1st goal was assisted by his long time teammate from Bratislava Brian Payne who must have decided this is getting ridiculous I better set up my boy Girts for a goal.  Zach Kisslinger also got in on the action and now shares some history with Girts. Now that Galvins has finally scored he's hoping he can get hot and help the Predators down the stretch with some clutch goal scoring. The team is doing well and are top 6 in the entire league so it looks as if they will make the playoffs despite Girts lack of production in his rookie season. I guess you can say Warsaw has been doing great without much contribution from rookie Galvins so if he can pick it up it could really give them a big boost heading into the post season. 

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