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VHLM This Week (November 9, 2014)


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Welcome to :vhlm: VHLM This Week.

TPE Earners


VHLM Achievement Tracker is posted for the season. You can earn up to 20 TPE for completing it and you have until the playoffs are over to put in your claim.


Check out the Fantasy Zone. There are two zones, the VHLM version and the VHL version.

*Anyone can join the VHL fantasy zone, only VHLMers can join the VHLM zone. So go on and jump into both to try and double your gains!*

Most weeks both zones will only have 2 options for you. a) Pick 'em. You are given 4 games and you choose the winners of those 4 games. If you choose correctly and all 4 teams you chose are winners, you are awarded +1 TPE. b.) Predict the score. You are given 1 game and you must choose the winner and the final score. If you are right, you get awarded +3 TPE.


TPE payout from the team PT is here! Check your team's payout if you were drafted into the VHL and if you aren't drafted yet they added in some TPE for you as well! If you do not have a VHL team, you get +5 uncapped TPE. Great move by the blue team.


Player store is open again. Use your newly earned contract money to improve your player or see yourself in the mag!




Recruit drive on again til November 10. There's prizes to be won for recruiting and the goal is to get 15 more members to the site, so get recruiting!


An announcement that will shake things up for everyone. New rules that will be implemented for both leagues and recruitment. Check out all the details.


The team PT for the S40 celebration is completed. You can see all the completed submissions in the subforum.


Keep an eye out on the job postings, recently there were two openings in the field of writing, one for grading and the other for the VHL mag. A job is a good way to contribute to the league and help keep the wheels spinning, on top of earning some extra TPE.

> 2 VHLM Mag Writers are needed.


The VHL has their Instagram account up and running. Just for following with your account, you get +1 TPE. Simply follow them and then post in the thread. There's also a two PT opportunities you can take a look at in the thread. Good to see social media expanding for the league.



Here are some media spots and Fan590s I was looking at I thought you guys might find to be funny or a good read.


Edition 55 of On the Rise is out, the mag crew works really hard on it so make sure you check it out if you aren't. They seem to post a new edition on Monday, so read that in a hurry, then check out the new one in the next few days.


McZ does his first interview in the VHL. A well known name re-entering the league, it should be a good sign of things to come.


PxZero gives us an inside and well-constructed look at why the Lynx won't be making the second season this year.


You can check out all the weekly updates in media or fan590s.




We'll take a quick look at some signatures. These are all made by users and we think these are really well done and recommend you check them out and other submitted sigs on ideas on how to make your own better.


Mario De Rossi made this .gif sig with Jeff Skinner. It's great to see him moving forward with his GFX skills and it's a cool looking sig to boot. Look forward to seeing more with the GIF work.


New member Sam Teibert created another fantastic sig and it looks like he's got quite the impressive skillset in Photoshop. Look for more from this great artist and awesome new member.


Lots of other that are worth checking out in the graphics section.




The Blades took it to the downtrodden Lynx, final ending 7-2.


The mighty Storm edged out the Gladiators in this high-scoring affair, 6-5.


You can check out all the games that were played in the S40 games section.


VHLM Player Spotlight


First off we sat down with the league's latest addition to the goalie pool, as newcomer Ivars Klajum shared his initial thoughts on the league.


What are your impressions of the league so far?

It's been fun. Taken a lot of time out of my day, but not in a bad way. There's definitely a steep learning curve to start but for the most part I've gotten by.

How has everyone been so far? Have they been a positive face for the league and made you feel welcomed and help you want to be a part of the league?

For sure, I think I've gotten an outreach from two people, both GMs of the VHLM, and I was able to wrack their brains along with a couple other mods for ideas and help. For the most part I've felt it's been pretty wide open for me, and that's a good thing. I appreciate how receptive the people I've talked to have been so far and it's really helped me mesh in with ease.

Have you seen anything you found really interesting and can't wait to get more involved in? Anything you don't like and/or don't want to be a part of?

Well, the idea of a sim league and the whole points system was extremely interesting (and confusing) for me since I've never done this before. At the present moment I can't really see anything that I dislike (other than how hard it is for me to fish up stats right now) but as I go further into my first player's career I'm sure I'll have some pet peeves.

Any other comments?

Only thing I'll say... Ivars for HOF.


We also sat down with Yukon Rush goaltender Fedir Okranitz for his take on the Rush's season.


With the post-season around the season, how do you feel you performed in the regular season?

It was a rough start for sure, but I once I got some training under my belt I really saw a huge improvement in my performance. I was quick to go to Mikaelson who is a more experienced goaltender than I am and ask for advice, and the tips he gave me really got me on the right track. I've faced almost 2600 shots so far this season, that is a lot of bruises. Trust me. Holding a .898 save percentage on that amount of shots I really consider a strong number. Right now I am really focusing on my performance for next season and being at the top of my game for the Rush when that day rolls around.


Do you think you can help Yukon make a push into the post season?

This season? No. If they did make it to playoffs, I believe I would be the main reason they got there, but I can't score the goals, that's on my teammates. Next season though, we are going to be in the playoffs, and I fully expect us to make it to the finals. I've been training hard in order to be able to take my team into the playoffs next season and even if I face 2600 shots again, There is going to be less than 150 goals on me, I have enough confidence in my skills to say that. 



How do you feel the Rush did under the [terrible] management of Gow?

Well I think he did the best he could for being distracted. I mean, we always have these gorgeous girls going through the locker room and it must be hard for him to think of lineups when all he draws on his clipboard is boobs. He did get us close to a playoff spot this season though, and once we get some more numbers on our roster I am sure he will bring us deep into the playoffs. I know he wants to keep me on the Rush, and has turned down other GMs trying to get me, he has faith in me which I really am thankful for. Maybe one day he will actually have to courage to talk to one of these girls instead of just breathing heavily while they walk by.

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