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Another shoutout to Yukon


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Because I'm original


Eaglesfan036 - Thanks for drafting me! I'm really happy to be a part of the Rush and I know we are going to win it all next season. I've been working hard and it's not going to slow down. I really need to get the motivation to do these 590s though because they get later and later. I will make that GM sig soon :D


Roughhands - I've talked to you a couple times and you seem like a really awesome guy. I'm sure if I actually talked in the LR and didn't spend the majority of my time on SHL we'd know more about eachother. Stay active though! Rush is going all the way next season


BPH - Hello! I don't think I've ever talked to you, on chat or in the LR. I'm pretty much a ghost when it comes to posting here, just because I post whore on SHL. Really the only thing I post in the LR is boobs and stuff, so maybe you've seen me in there. Maybe we will talk  sometime :D


Ramicus - Rami! Baby! I know you form SHL a little bit, you are honestly a kind of weird dude, but you are awesome. 


Joseph Roy III - .I'm sorry, I can't think of who you are :( I'm sure i could go through the pages in the LR and find posts by you though. Great to have you on the Rush though! Yukon 2 gud


BOOM(UZI) - God I love the pictures you post up. When I see your name as last post in the LR I know its something good. 


Munk - <3

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