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Rift Pajodcast Gets His 20th


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Pajodcast Hits Milestone


Rift Pajodcast (left) celebrates his 20th goal with Brady Stropko.


MINOT, North Dakota - It's happened; Rift Pajodcast has scored his 20th goal in his VHLM career. It came at 17:15 of the 2nd period against the Turku Outlaws in Game #328, with assists from Lord Karnage and Shadhu Rathod Jr. Pajodcast is now seeing more points come his way due to his gradual skill improvement throughout the season, especially now with him being over PPG after being under the line for most of the season. Currently, Pajodcast has 20 goals and 46 assists for a total of 66 points through 65 games. Also keeping with a trend that has remained constant throughout the season, Pajodcast is 2nd only to Mario Corvia in Hits Taken, with 310. Such is expected though, with such a magnetic personality. This recent improvement could not have come at a better time for Pajodcast and the Gladiators, who have clinched the 2nd seed in the VHLM's North American conference, and will face the Brampton Blades in the first round of the upcoming playoffs. Look for Pajodcast to really explode.

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