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  1. 1. I feel pretty good, given our current situation as rebuilders. Our record isn't likely to get any better anytime soon this season, so we have to take what we can get. 2. Team chemistry, and we'll need a good amount of it if we don't want to finish in last place this season. 3. Probably team defense; our defense is a bunch of former forwards so this season will likely be a learning one. Jaxx Hextall will need to come up big for us a lot this season. 4. I would love to reach 1 PPG; if/when we don't make the postseason I would consider my season successful if I reach 72 points. 5. Being the captain is a pretty nice honor; I'm definitely more of a lead-by-example kind of captain than a vocal one though. 6. It's definitely been a positive one, when I joined Toronto the LR was extremely quiet in comparison to how it is now; it's a welcome sight to see.
  2. S72 Donation Transaction ID:5109-7761-0569-6284 5 Uncapped Doubles Week $1m player store
  3. F - Boris the Forest @animal74
  4. D - Roque Davis @Renomitsu
  5. D - Erik Summers @animal74
  6. 1. What did you think of Toronto's overall draft? I think we did a very good job, as we were able to grab to impact pieces in the second round; I’m very confident that those picks will end up making a difference for the Legion in the future. 2. What pieces of advice would you have for Michael Mac, Joseph Gainer and Ziarie Anigbogu? Be patient, rebuilding takes time; results don’t happen overnight, you just have to keep plugging along. 3. What are your opinions about the trades that were completed during the draft? im not sure, as I wasn’t following the draft live, but in hindsight they definitely look to be interesting transactions. 4. We also added Anthony Matthews and Vladimir Shaposhnikov to the roster VIA trade. What do you think about their acquisitions? I think these were pretty good moves; we likely won’t make the playoffs this season, but these guys certainly help to fill out our roster. 5. What do you think of Toronto giving up a potential lottery pick in the S74 VHL Entry Draft? It’s a gamble that hopefully pays off. Worst case scenario it’s a lotto pick, and we add it to the pile of traded-away futures to the Legion. Best-case scenario, it’s 12th overall 6. Where do you think we'll end up drafting in the S73 VHL Entry Draft? Hopefully 1st overall lol; we lost a chunk of our leading scorers from last season. With some luck, we all have decent individual seasons at at the expense of our record.