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  1. Roque Davis Thomas Landry II @JigglyGumballs
  2. Chad Magnum Jaxx Hextall @JigglyGumballs
  3. 1. I honestly can't say, I have a really good feeling about this team, I think we can stay hot throughout the whole season. 2. I think I've finally figured out VHL defenses, and I grew a lot stronger over the offseason, so I can really bully my way around the rink this season. 3. That was definitely an issue for us last season, as I think he just ran out of gas in the playoffs, but I don't blame him; he carried us in the regular season. I think we just really need to tighten up in our own zone in order to lighten his load. 4. Definitely. And to be honest, I
  4. G - Jaxx Hextall F - Phil Marleau @Kylrad
  5. F - Chad Magnum D - Erik Killinger @Kylrad
  6. When I was 13, I hadn't even played ice hockey yet, and I had no idea that it would consume my life for nearly the next decade.