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  1. Corco

    VHL Pickem (S57W1)

    Reign meute express bears
  2. Corco

    VHLM Updater

    I'll be stepping down, so this position is open again
  3. Corco

    Claimed: STHS [1/2]

    Even in the NHL players have off-years; [I kinda like it even though Schmeckeldorf's first couple of seasons were far below expectations,] I think it adds to the storyline of the VHL. Plus, when you think about it, most of the top players in the league all have very similar builds, so a high-TPE level player having a bad season is bound to happen once in awhile just based on probability.
  4. Corco

    David Kiaskov Updates - Dec 4-10/17

    It's not proper updating format; I understand he uses an iPad to access the site, but the rest of the league doesn't have a problem with posting a new post every time after an update
  5. Corco

    Rudolph Schmeckeldorf Updates

    VHLM Updating October 9-15 = 2 TPE VHLM Updating October 16-22 = 2 TPE TOTAL: 4 TPE DF = Defense: 80+3=81 FO = Face Offs: 40+1=41 TPE: 619
  6. Corco

    Bonér Updates

    Welfare October 16-22 = 4 TPE VHLM Updating October 9-15 = 2 TPE VHLM Updating October 16-22 = 2 TPE TOTAL: 8 TPE ST = Strength: 91+5=92 SK = Skating: 65+2=67 SC = Scoring: 46+1=47 TPE: 320
  7. Corco

    Elias Sobeck Updates

    Need @Boragina to at least quote this and approve this before I update
  8. Corco

    LW- Ben Green Player Updates.

    updated, 2 banked tpe available