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Olynick vs. Graham


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I made a startling discovery that Colbert Graham has been undefeated so far through 7 contests and has done well for a back-up but should he be given a chance to do more? Blaine Olynick is said to be the answer to all of Cologne's problems in net but he finally has some stiff competition in Graham. I am really big on statistics so lets dig into those.


Blaine Olynick

GP: 61

W: 37

L: 20

S%: 0.920

GAA: 2.23

SO: 7


Colbert Graham

GP: 7

W: 7

L: 0

S%: 0.920

GAA: 1.41

SO: 1


Backed up by statistics it is blatantly obvious that Colbert has a higher winning percentage and if we estimate his stat totals if he had played 61 games then he would have 61 wins, 0 losses and around 8 shutouts. Olynick might be the most trusted option but I believe they should ride the hot hand of Colbert Graham into the playoffs. Blaine will now feel immense pressure to perform in the post-season or Cologne fans will ask: "What if Colbert Graham was in net?"



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