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Claimed:Max MacInnis Rookie Profile [8/8 Final]


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Max MacInnis Rookie Profile



Name: Max MacInnis

Age: 20

Position: Right Wing

Height: 73in

Weight: 185

Origins: Rochester, NY, United States of America



| Precision |

MacInnis is a very precise player, his skills are refined, polished and everything he does seems to be something he’s rehearsed ten thousand times. His skating is fluid, his shooting has pinpoint accuracy and his passing is like a laser-guided rocket. MacInnis rarely will make a foolish decision, his discipline keeps him from making rash choices. Everything he does seems to have a reason behind it, and he’s teammates benefit from it. His precise, calculated choices elevate him above other players.


| Speed |

When we say MacInnis is fast, we mean it. His ability to explode past defenders was a major reason for his breakout season in Kitchener; opponents couldn’t keep up, and it was like Christmas morning for his teammates. He poses a major threat to defenses and forces them to stay on their toes any time he is on the ice, which opens up opportunities for other players. Like a great base stealer in baseball, he keeps everyone honest defensively, you can cheat with his ability to get past you in an instant.


| Puck Handling |

MacInnis possess the rare ability to manipulate the puck any which way he wants. Combined with his speed and precision, this makes him a very hard player to defend. He can deke and dangle his way past the best of them, and do it while keeping his head up and looking down the ice for his teammates. He has had a flair for the dramatic on a couple occasions, but usually it’s either execute the highlight reel handling or turn the puck over, and MacInnis is the kind of player who goes down fighting, you will never see him abandon the puck, or play. While puck handling isn’t his strongest suit, and like every facet of the game, it needs some work, he causes a lot of mismatches.




| Individualistic Tendencies |

MacInnis hasn’t been regarded as the most team-centric player. While he has been deemed as a strong leader, due to his hard work ethic and undying will to succeed, it’s pretty easy to see he puts his own success above those around him, which is backed up by his overly competitive nature in just about every facet of life itself. While he wants to win, he wants to be the main reason the team wins, he wants to be in the spotlight. This has the potential to cause rifts amongst his teammates, or it could bind them together because of how hard he works to win.


| Physicality |

”Mad Max” is not a two-way forward. Despite his solid frame and muscular body, MacInnis isn’t a physical player. Sure, he is hard to knock off the puck and won’t back down, but he isn’t going to sacrifice his body or risk an injury over something he doesn’t think is worthwhile. Coaches in the future will want to work with him and teach him how to implement more hitting and using his strength to become a more well-rounded forward. MacInnis has a tendency to be hard-headed, though, so don’t expect it to be an easy course of action to change his ways.


| Face Offs |

MacInnis does not take face offs, end of discussion. In 68 games with Kitchener, I never once saw him skate into the circle, and no one ever told him to do so, it was like an unspoken rule that he didn’t take face offs. While he isn’t a center, it’s another area that would improve his game and make him more well-rounded, instead of being a “one-trick pony” as many scouts have labeled him. Knowing MacInnis’ drive to be the best, we can only assume he will eventually wade into the circle, but for now, he has shown no inkling of desire to venture into the circle, which just adds to his future coaches need to teach him that he needs to put the team first.



Max MacInnis is an offensive powerhouse. He will immediately improve your ability to score and score fast. He is fast, precise and knows how to win. He is the kind of player that you can build your offense around and feel comfortable with your decision to do so. He works harder than anyone around and takes losing extremely personal. He won’t contribute much defensively, and will be hunting awards, but in the end, he will put up huge numbers and help any team on their quest for a championship.


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