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Short Interview with Joseph Roy III

Mr. Hickey

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Interviewer: Hello, good people of the VHL. Today in our weekly interview series we sit down with Season 42 VHL Draftee and 2nd line Center, Joseph Roy III. Hello, Joseph.


JR3: Hello.


Interviewer: So, Joeseph, many people are wondering, why did you go with Austin Hickey as your player agent, after all of the failures he has had in this league?


JR3: Well, to be honest I wouldn't have even considered this league had it not been for Austin. After my brief career in the NHL, I actually didn't ever think I would play hockey again, Austin changed my mind. Also, Austin, while he has had some shortcomings in the league, has had some contributing players, both Jehovah and he himself (Hickey as a player) won championships and Tannerd wasn't a bad player either.


Interviewer: That's a fair assessment, but those players certainly haven't been what Hickey envisioned, right?


JR3: Not not at all. Austin has told me himself that all it takes is one practice off to get into a lazy mindset, it's what has ruined his players careers.


Interviewer: Let's move on to the Draft, the upcoming VHLM draft. Where do you think you will be taken?


JR3: Honestly I haven't the slightest clue. Hopefully in top 5, that's were I think i should be taken, but you can never read the minds of VHL GMs.


Interviewer: Ok, One last question, Do you think the HOF is your goal right now?


JR3: Of course, that should be every players goal, If you break things down, week by week, honestly it's not hard in the least little bit.


Interviewer: Great answer! That is all the time we have today, stay tuned for the nightly news. Have a good one Joseph.


JR3: You too, I appreciate you having me. 


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