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Claimed:Joseph Roy III RP [8/8]

Mr. Hickey

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Joseph Roy III Rookie Profile



Name: Joseph Roy III

Position: Center

Age: 23

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 200 lbs

Nationality: Canadian


     Today’s scouting report will be on season 42 prospect, Joseph Roy III. Joseph is a young center from Manitoba, Canada, who posses great speed, a powerful shot and impeccable stature. Unfortunately for Joseph, this is a scouting report, not a highlight reel, so we will also be showcasing some of the faults in his game such as poor leadership, unpolished passing skills, and defense that needs work.




  • Speed - Joseph is a deceptively fast player. He just started playing hockey at age 16, however it looks to me like he has probably skated since he was young. Not only does he seem to glide right past defenders, he also keeps it up for the whole game. With his incredible stamina and enough speed to be effective, expect to see many highlight reel goals in both the 1st, and 3rd period.


  • Shooting - “Pure Power.” That is the best definition Joseph’s player agent Austin Hickey could come up with in regards to Roy’s shot. I don’t take coaches and players agents words for everything, but when I reviewed the tape I saw the same thing Austin saw. The scariest thing about Roy’s power is that it he can fire writers off almost as fast and hard as his slapshot. At the VHLM players showcase this month, he clocked in at 102.4 MPH the highest among the players there.


  • Stature - Joseph is six foot three inches tall, and 200 pounds. He looks, and plays even bigger than that. When I was at Pittsburg Penguins training camp two years ago, I saw Joseph more than ever use his size to his advantage. Not only was he fast, but he was huge, and not afraid to use his body to gain the upper hand. If he can get into this mode again, I honestly think he could become unstoppable.





  • Leadership - Too quite. I wish he would show just a little emotion or at least some enthusiasm about the game.  I remember seeing him on the bench at a Brandon Wheat Kings hockey game, and he just sat their looking a little lost and uninterested. I could probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve seen him talk to a teammate. I’ve never seen him pump anyone up either. The leadership might come with age, or it might never come at all, however I believe it is an attribute in hockey that gets overlooked and it is vital that Roy learns to take hold of it, or he may never have the deep connection with teammates that the great ones have.


  • Passing - You would think being a center would mean that Roy’s passing skills would be on point, however that is far from the case. I get the feeling that because Joseph is relatively new to the game he never quite got the passing down, and/or he neglected it to work on his shot and skating. That is not to say he can’t get better, because he has shown flashes of being an excellent passer, however it needs urgent work or else he will be exposed by good VHL defenders.


  • Defense - He doesn’t know how to play defense. I wish someone would sit down and spend a day with him teaching positioning. 95% of the time he’s is caught out of position, and gets blown away by any forwards with decent speed. This is another aspect of the game he never learned, but this attribute doesn’t concern me as much considering he is fast, and strong enough to play defense, he just needs some coaching up. It also doesn’t help when he takes unnecessary risk more than half of the time.





    Joseph Roy III has all of the athletic talent and size needed to be great, however it has yet to translate completely on the rink. He really needs to work on his weaknesses more than strengthen his strengths even more, considering that all of his weaknesses are easy fixes and will make him about 10 times more effective as a player. I would also like to see him get an attitude about him, that may never happen however it would make him more likable to his teammates which would help his development significantly. Overall I think he is a career middle of the pack 1st liner in the VHL with an upside to be a VHL Hall of Fame player.



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  • Senior Admin

Content: 5/5

Good write up in Joeseph Roy's up and coming career. It sucked there wasn't a whole lot content other than pros and cons, but I think you covered Roy nicely enough.


Grammar: 1/1

This was pretty close but I'll give it to you.


posses = possesses 

quite = quiet

when I was at = when I was at the

just sat their = just sat there


Appearance: 1/1

Really don't like the two different font sizes, but you added a picture and some headers.


Over 500 Words? 1/1


Overall: 8/8

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