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Willcox Not Likely to Return to Brampton



Willcox hopes to dawn the Blades jersey next season, though not likely.



BRAMPTON - After a disappointing 4-1 series loss against the Minot Gladiators, Brampton cleared out their locker rooms today, a day Willcox was not looking forward to. Willcox will be entering the season forty-one VHLM dispersal draft, and with no picks in the first round for the blades, it looks like Willcox nor top prospect A.C. Savage will be returning to the team next season.


" After notifying general manager Terence Fong of my desire to stay with the club, he informed me that the team has no picks in the upcoming draft. I have enjoyed my short stint here in Brampton and I really wanted to play here next season as I prepare for the season forty-two VHL draft. He let me know that if he is able to acquire a pick in the mid first to early second, I will have a home here.  For now I will have to just wait and see how everything shakes up. " - Travis Willcox


With the Bratislava Watchmen having three picks in the first round and the Bern Royals having two, a trip back home to Europe may be on the horizon for the Welsh youngster.


" My agent informed me that it is a likely scenario that I may find myself switching over to the European Conference next season. Bern is only about a three  hour plane trip from my hometown of Cardiff, Wales, so it would be nice to play closer to home and have some family attend some games. "

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