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Playoffs Begin With A Bang!


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On top of being a milestone achievement, Season 40 was also one of the most competitive and involved VHL seasons in recent memory. Up until about the halfway point of the season, the Victory cup race was still alive. Races for many of the major awards continued all the way up until the end of the season. Even the top spot in the European conference wasn't decided until the final 4 games. 


The evidence was clear, heading into the playoffs were 6 teams all capable of winning a Continental Cup. It should come as no surprise then that the first round of the playoffs saw two series go the distance to seven games. We were witness to two epic overtime games, one a game seven which saw the Wranglers upset Quebec. The other a game that went to triple OT that was sealed by eventual series winner, Riga.


But even more than that we saw a total of 7 one goal games in these playoffs. Granted 6 of them came in the North American conference series. But both series remained competitive throughout, and it really showcased how far the league has come in the last 10+ seasons. The active players of the league are spread throughout. The amount of options available to each team while at times limiting also ensure that each club only has to build a solid roster and make that push. 


Ultimately the Season 40 playoffs looks to be one of the most fierce and competitive of all time. I would not be shocked to see even more one goal games, overtimes, and game sevens in the schedule for the playoffs this season. 

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