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Claimed:Firkley Post-Season Interview - [GRADED 6/6]


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With the rotten end to the Lynx season and the S41 draft looming around the corner, Dirk Firkley chose a strange time to disappear from the public—and scouts’—eye(s). Almost two weeks after the last regular season game, we caught up with him to ask some important questions: 





Question: Dirk, you’ve been a hard man to get hold of the last couple weeks. What happened?
Firkley: I flew home. My mother got very sick, and I decided to be with her.

Question: I’m sorry to hear that. Is she okay?
Firkley: She’s getting the best care and things look to be on the upturn.

Question: I’m glad. Was this responsible for some of your falling output in the end of the season?
Firkley: No, not really. I try keep personal issues out of my game—professional, you know? The output was just a problem finding shots. I play a physical game, and sometimes I overcommit.

Question: Speaking of committing, what do you think of the upcoming draft? Any preferences for where you end up?
Firkley: Honestly, I expect to be asked to play another year in the VHLM, so I’m looking for a team with a long-term strategy. That being said, I’m just excited to play with some of my heroes in the future. I think every team has potential. 
Question: Every team has potential.  What about the Lynx?
Firkley: Well, the VHLM is a different game. A lot of players gave it their all, and some will just take a bit longer to develop. That’s what I mean by potential.

Question: In that vein, which players do you think need to develop more?
Firkley:  Me obviously. I can always improve my game.

Question: Who else?
Firkley: The team came last in the conference, so I think everyone has some room to work on their game. 

Question: What about Bobby Ricky and his latest arrest?

Firkley: No comment. 

Question: There have been rumours you two have been getting close.  Following in his footsteps?

Firkley: If you mean becoming a leading scorer, yeah, I'm working towards it. 

Question: And the allegations of cocaine?

Firkley: What allegations? Listen, I don't touch the stuff. 

Question: And Bobby?

Firkley: Why don't you just ask him? I'm done talking about this. 

Question:  Okay, new topic. The last two mock drafts have you going to Toronto. What are your thoughts on that?

Firkley: Toronto has some great guys in Poole and Cote. It would be a system I'm used to playing in. 

Question: You mean, a shallow roster and a .500 team?

Firkley: You're putting words in my mouth.

Question: It's just a question. 

Firkley: No comment. 

Question: So no comment on Toronto's performance?

Firkley: They're good guys. I'll go where I'm drafted. It's pretty simple. 

Question: Where would you like to go?

Firkley: Honestly, I'd like to head home. I think this interview is going places I don't like. 
Question: Do you mean back to Germany?

Firkley: No, I clearly meant... you know what, no comment. 

Question: Last question: Would you prefer to be drafted into the European conference, so it's closer to home and your ailing mother?

Firkley: I told you before. I'm going to be a professional and I will play for whichever team wants me. There are great hockey players and great clubs all across this league.  Of course, I won't be upset if I'm drafted back to Europe, but I also won't be upset if I stay here in North America after the draft. It's been my life dream to play hockey. I don't really care where, or for who. As long as I get to touch the puck and help my team, I'll be living my dream. 

Question: Thank you for your time. 
Firkley: Ok. 


Our apologies to Mr. Firkley for turning the screws in his first full length interview, but with him having such a small presence before the draft, we wanted to see how he'd react. As suspected with such a young player, his professionalism is tempered by hot emotion, which Mr. Firkley seems to keep in pretty good control. He doesn't play favourites and has a good sense of mind to support his teammates. We're not sure how his mother's health will play into the longevity of his career, but it does seem like Firkley, if he can keep up his pace, will have a healthy impact on any team as he 'lives his dream'. 

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Content: 3/3 - Interesting article hitting on a few points at this point in Firkley's career.  It kind of bounced around, however in a general sense, Firkley seems to be dealing with issues outside of the hockey world and it may or may not be affecting his draft status.  Otherwise, he is content with whatever team selects him in the upcoming entry draft.  Also, "question" and "firkley" counted for nearly 50 words...  :D  ~740


Grammar: 2/2 - Good work overall

the S41 draft = The S41 Draft (title, it's an event)

last couple weeks = last couple of weeks


Appearance: 1/1 - Maybe another picture or two to break up the conversation.



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