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Claimed:Meeting Lofty Expectations [Final: 6/6]

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Meeting Lofty Expectations


"With the sixth overall selection in the Season 39 VHLM Dispersal Draft, the Ottawa Lynx are proud to select Jerrick Poole!"  The words seemed surreal.  The Ottawa Lynx, the team who, even before the draft due to their control of five of the first seven picks, was considered a virtual lock to win the Founder's Cup, had chosen Poole as their top defenseman for a cup run.  For a guy who came into the VHL nearly unknown after failing to receive any significant attention from division one colleges after an unimpressive yet solid junior career, the selection meant that something was finally working out.


Fast forward a season.  After helping the Lynx to a Founder's Cup win, it was time to move on to the VHL after establishing himself as one of the top prospects in the minors.  With his draft position uncertain and the possibility of being selected virtually anywhere in the first round, it came as a relief when the Legion decided to take him fourth overall, their second of three first round picks.  Although it felt like a weight was lifted from Poole's back, pressure mounted once again.  The draft class, hailed as one of the best in VHL history, was littered with players likely to make significant impacts in the league.  As the fourth player selected, he couldn't just be good.  He had to be great in order to justify the selection.



Before things began to go well for Poole, it nearly appeared as if his dreams of being a professional hockey player were over.


Making his debut with the Legion in Season 40, Poole received plenty of minutes playing for a very young an thin team.  While their playoff hopes were nothing more than hopes before they even stepped onto the ice to begin the season, it was a chance for Toronto to showcase some of their young talent.  Poole would join Devin Sundberg and Tyler Cote as the team's leading scorers as they finished fourth in the North American Conference and firmly out of a playoff spot.  To cap off the season, Jerrick Poole was voted in as an All-Star after finishing eleventh among defensemen in points and second in blocked shots, a strong start to a career despite being well overshadowed by Mason Richardson, the rookie defenseman for the Express.


After Poole's Season 40 performance, it became clear that his potential was sky-high and very well could be a defining player of his generation.  Very few players even play in the VHL in their first season of eligibility, yet alone are named All-Stars.  But in order for this to happen, he would have to significantly improve upon his season and help the Legion make the next step in their rebuilding process, especially considering their relative lack of depth on defense.



Although physical play is often overlooked in the VHL, Poole has established himself as one of the more intimidating players in the league.


Already approximately a third of the way through Season 41, Poole continues to establish himself as not only a future star but one of the better, most well-rounded players in the VHL.  He is one of only two defensemen in the league with at least 20 points, 75 hits, and 50 blocked shots thus far, joined only by Calgary's Tony Stark, a VHL veteran who has had a very mediocre career up to this point.  One pace to score 65 points with 251 hits and 178 blocked shots, Poole is continuing to put up better numbers and is showing great improvement as a player.  While it is still far too early to say for sure, it is looking like he very well could be one of the top defensemen to ever play in the league by the time he hangs up his skates.

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