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Every so often the league dives into its statistics to pull out some trends and paces to put them into perspective. A trend that we see quite regularly is that of TPE earning gods and what pace they set themselves on. This trend lives on with current Cologne Express captain, Kameron Taylor. Taylor is currently in his fifth season in the Victory Hockey League and it is turning into a very productive one at that. Kameron currently has amassed 36 points in 27 games thus far. Those numbers put him on pace to grab 96 points in total this year and project him to finish first in the Express scoring production. If Kameron were to go out and grab those 96 points it would put him on pace for 687 points in his Express career. Despite all these projections there is still a more impressive projection Taylor is on pace to grab.




Kameron Taylor currently sits on 763 TPE in this young season and that is of course still in his fifth season. If Taylor is to run at his current pace and finish the entire season at 850 TPE he will be on pace for an impressive feat. Taylor would be on pace over his entire eight year career for 1330 TPE which puts him among a select few on the historic charts. Taylor has said that his practice hours aren't something he wishes to waste, but he also knows nearing the end of his career that all facets of his game need to be worked on. 


"I actually don't care about being among the elite names in VHL history when it comes to practice hours. However, when it comes to cups and points I hope I can land my name besides guys like Campbell and Beketov. I feel at this time in the league it is harder to score than any other era. With ten teams in the league and almost all of them having a bonafide number one goalie, it's a challenge to put the puck in the net. I just hope the team I am on and the cast I'm around is what I'm known for, winning what we set out to do." - Joey Kendrick




Obviously only making the playoffs once in his career is something Taylor would love to change. This season the squad has a good chance of making the European playoffs for the second straight year. Kameron knows that if he wants to be playing past game 72, he has to keep progressing positively and helping his teammates do the same. It has been a tough time for Cologne since being named an expansion team back near the end of the 30th VHL campaign. They finally feel they have the goaltender they set out to acquire in Evgeni Chekhov and they feel they have a very underrated defensive group. If their second line can keep improving and provide depth scoring, the Express could be battling come postseason.


One of the hardest things to do is build a team from the ground up. Joey Kendrick has had a harder time of doing that than arguably any General Manager in the VHL. Cologne and Quebec were announced for expansion and shortly after conditioned in the draft to use their first round picks in different situations. Both franchises knew it would be a tough grind to achieve success in the long run. However, Quebec was given some life when two high-priced free agents tagged along and signed in the French city. Cologne hasn't had that success yet and it's hard to argue against the fact they've had a harder time developing. Quebec is now listed as a powerhouse because of those moves and Cologne is looked at as a fringe team. Kameron Taylor looks to change that identity and make sure Cologne is where players want to play.




Despite all the positive influences and current situations in the German city, the team does have a dark era in it's forecast. Joey Kendrick will certainly not be sticking around in Cologne after his contract is expired in season 38. Kendrick has expressed his discomfort and overall frustration with his current position but knows that if another option comes along he still has to set the franchise up for long-term success. His successor is still as clear as the mud at a horseracing track, but Kendrick has said he will leave it in the right hands. Regardless, Cologne seems to be on the up now and is hoping to succeed it's past history's accomplishments.

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Content: 3/3 - I commend you on sticking with Cologne despite what seems to be blow after blow to the team. You  definitely have put a lot of effort into the team and your own player for that matter. IF you actually get close to what you're on pace for I'll be amazed. 1300 seems almost unheard of to me. Keep up the good work!


Grammar: 2/2 - I saw nothing. Absolutely fantastic!


Appearance: 1/1 - Also very good!


Overall: 6/6 - Fine job!

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Content: 3/3 - It seems like Taylor is so much older than he actually is. Like I thought he was going into his 7th season or something like that. Either way, definitely a great player, and it looks like you'll continue to do great things right up until you retire. I don't know who you'll be up against for HoF voting, but I wouldn't count you out. Also, I do hope that Cologne finds success in the near future. It would suck being the worse team between the two expansions, so here's to hoping that you guys can make an impact soon.


Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing much.


the Express scoring production. - Express scoring.

sits on 763 TPE - sits at 763 TPE

this young season and that is of course still in his fifth season. - sounds kind of awkward


Appearance: 1/1 - Lovely, no complaints.


Total: 6/6

Overall: 6/6

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