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VHL Attempts To Launch New Welfare Website, Fails


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VHL Attempts To Launch New Welfare Website, Fails



NEW YORK - Hot off the heels of the United States government's embarrassing debacle with the debut of the Affordable Care Act's website, the Victory Hockey League has encountered a similar dilemma, through no sheer act of flattery.


"We were told that the site had been properly tested and that everything was a go," said VHL representative Baxter Manfrey. "Apparently someone did not do their job or someone did not want this website to succeed."


Already having been the victim of an alleged DDOS attack, the VHL again has wound up with a metaphorical egg on their face as hundreds of players trying to register for the new VHL welfare/pension program discovered that the website simply could not handle the sudden influx of users.


"Daggum thing never loaded," said an irate Ron Dayne III.


Quickly hoping to divert from the disaster, the VHL set up a phone line in order to help the players through the issue. However, all resolutions apparently required the website, which was already not working.


"How am I supposed to feed my family?" wailed a despondent Alex Rawnsley outside of the league's headquarters.


For now, plenty of eggs can be found at the same location.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, not a dentist as previously believed. He enjoys taking great joy in leaving trash in the neighbor's yard, reading Clifford books and hoarding all the candy for himself.


(Claiming for last week unless told otherwise.)

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