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The Wise Words of FlyersFan


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I have spoken to a great many people on this site. There are some with whom I have spoken many times, while others have been one time occasions. One person with whom I haven't really spoken all that much is Flyersfan1493, also known as something Gow. Nevertheless, he's a pretty cool guy, and the conversations we have had are always entertaining. I will now share some words of wisdom given to me just for this little article.


“Know how to tie a tie.” Luckily for me, I wear a tie almost every week. Nevertheless, I know plenty of poeople my age who still wear clip-on ties. It's a scary thought.


“Learn your limit for drinking alcohol.” Given the professions that are present on the site (Hi, Kendrick), I feel that I should remind everyone that drinking before the proper age as established by your state, province, or nation is bad. I would also remind everyone that if you're going to drink, drink responsibly. Don't pass out in the hallway or anything like that.


“You may be able to BS your way through high school and college, but employers can see right through the BS.” No comment is necessary, but I'm going to give one anyway. Learn to work when it's easy so that you're accustomed to it by the time it's more difficult.

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