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Victim #19

Da Trifecta

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Klaus was walking down the street when he noticed a little boy. He walked up to him and asked him what was wrong. He said that these men had came by and stole his bike that he was riding. He asked the little boy what color the bike was and if he remembered what the gentlemen looked like. He gave descriptions the best he could of the guys and he told him the bike color. Klaus went searching all of New Orleans and he finally found the guys. Once he found them he thought he would toy with them a little bit. He started to pull off limb after limb. He would wait about 5 minutes during each limb coming off to make it more enjoyable for himself. After they were completely torn apart, he grabbed the bike and made his way back to the little kid. He told the kid that he had handle the guys who took his bike and that he didn't need to worry. He said to the kid if he ever was in trouble, just whistle and he would show up and help him in whatever way he could.

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